Auto tints are for everyone; whether you love it for the cool style or the functionality, it’s a great way to upgrade your car. Not only are window tints stylish, they also serve a great many other functions as well. They provide another layer of privacy in your car so you can feel confident knowing you’re comfortable in your own space. They are also a unique way to go green and get better fuel efficiency, by allowing less sun to get into the car, it will put less pressure on your AC… or you may just use it less!

Other benefits of MADICO window film include:

  • Glare Reduction
  • Your interior will remain it’s original color longer
  • MADICO Adhesive has advanced technology
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Color Variety – choose what shade you want your tint to be in!

Automotive Tinting Location

Please note we service our automotive clients in Roy, UT. Please contact us for directions, or use the map below to help find our automotive tinting location.