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3 Ways Window Tinting Film Makes the Work Place Better

If your office is hiding Utah’s natural beauty behind blinds or drapes, they’re not alone! It seems a shame to cover a wall of office windows, hiding those inspiring views, doesn’t it? Just as at home, privacy can be important, and glare from the overly bright sun can be disruptive. But almost everyone agrees that natural light is better than other illumination, both for saving energy and for the quality of the light. Today, luckily, creative options exist for taming the light, both for office applications and at home. Modern choices are cost-effective, energy-efficient and effective at reducing glare and counteracting the effects of harmful UV rays.

Window Tinting for Your Office

Window tinting ideas developed by innovative companies like MADICO and Sun Scape offer 21st Century solutions to age-old problems.

In the past, the only option was to cover windows with either shutters or heavy drapes. Today blinds, shades, and optional interior window coverings are lighter, brighter, easier to adjust and can be designed to enhance and complement interior decor. However, they still often block the view, affect the quality and the amount of natural illumination, and require endless adjustment based on time of day and specific needs.

There is, however, a solution that can be adapted to virtually any situation. Window film is technology that can revolutionize your approach to window covering. Glamour Glaze, Utah’s premier window tinting company, serves commercial and residential clients in Salt Lake City and throughout the state.

Window Tinting Ideas for the Workplace

There are numerous reasons why window tinting is a smart choice for home and business owners in the Salt Lake City area. Here are three specific applications that you might want to consider to improve your office environment.

  1. Contemporary Science-Based Option:

    A contemporary science-based option eliminates glare and will filter up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays, making even bright sunlight safer, cooler and more comfortable. That, in turn, makes the work environment more productive, and the bonus is that views of nature and natural light are proven mood-boosters.

  2. Modern Light-Directing Film Option:

    An optional modern light-directing film enhances interior ambiance by redirecting natural rays of light toward the ceiling, eliminating bright spots and shadows and annoying glare, improving the quality of interior light and also reducing energy costs.

  3. Creative Option:

    A third creative option for window film allows full daylight to stream through windows during the daytime, but blocks outside views of the interior at night. This film, in effect, creates a one-way window on the world and virtually eliminates the need for additional window covering.

Window Tinting Ideas for Commercial Office Buildings by Glamour Glaze

Workplace requirements differ from home lighting needs. Glamour Glaze, with 25 years of experience supplying window tinting for office use, will work with you the right solution for your needs. Choose from among three unique tints of Sun Control window films, depending on specific requirements for light, heat control and privacy. Tinting film is durable and long-lasting, backed by a 15-year commercial warranty.

Decorative window film, etched with a logo or business name, is another option, suitable not only for offices and storefront glass but also for schools, churches and other public buildings.

For more information, contactGlamour Glaze to explore all the bright possibilities.

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