Heat Control Window Film - Best Heat Control Window Film in Utah - Glamour GlazeWindows provide homes and businesses with picturesque views and an influx of natural light. Beautiful sunshine tends to lift the spirits. But that beautiful sunshine also means it can get quite hot, which is why Glamour Glaze in Utah has been helping people install films that lower the sun’s intensity and become more energy efficient. Our team has been providing service to Utah residents for more than 30 years and we’re available to walk you through the benefits of the window film process.


Heat Control Matters

It seems like there’s a time of day when sunlight coming through a window makes a space too intense or hot to enjoy. Your options are to either close the blinds or move to another room. Either way, these hot spots cause you to lose that terrific view and natural light.
Glamour Glaze Heat Control Window Films can help restore the comfort of your home or business all day, every day. As Utah’s top window film provider, our heat and light minimizing products allow you to cool key areas, reduce painful glare and lessen the amount of harmful UV rays in your personal space. You’ll gain an important level of comfort throughout your home or business without having to draw the curtains.

Window Films Help Control Heat

The radiation we experience from the sun takes three different forms. There is the light that we see every day. Then there are infrared and ultraviolet (UV) rays that we feel but don’t see. Window film is designed to block the harmful rays that may be unhealthy for us. It can also reflect heat. That means window film is energy efficient in terms of cooling your space. Because our products are based on the latest non-metallic, multilayered and Nano-technologies, we’re able to provide an optimal product for any window.

Infrared Light and UV Light

Cabin at Bear Lake With Sunscape 60 Window Tinting Film - Heat Control Window Film in Utah - Glamour GlazeWe experience infrared and UV in the form of heat. As we’re all well aware, too much can have a damaging effect on our skin. These unseen rays discolor furniture and rugs, cause wrinkling and even skin cancer. It’s important that you and your loved ones are not unnecessarily exposed to infrared and UV rays. Our window films can reduce harmful rays by up to 97 percent. At Glamour Glaze, we help create a light healthy environment.

Window Films Mean Energy Savings

Controlling the level of infrared and UV rays that penetrate your windows has a direct relationship with your energy costs. Window film helps reduce energy loss in two ways. When temperatures spike into the 90s during the summer, so do Utah energy bills. That’s because 15 percent of the average home’s exterior is made of glass. Our window films push those heat-causing rays away.Non-treated glass also gets cold and allows heat to escape at a higher rate than a film-treated window. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that the average home wastes $760 per year in energy costs. By having our authorized dealers at Glamour Glaze install your window film, you will be able to reduce energy costs and waste throughout the year. Our window films rank among the industry’s best products for energy conservation.


Glamour Glaze in Utah Installs Heat Control Window Films

At Glamour Glaze in Utah, we install several types of window films that reduce heat, glare and enhance the comfort and light health of your home or business. Some of these include:

  • Heat Control Series: This film is a state-of-the-art clear film creates minimal tinting. It allows 40-70 percent of light to pass through while deflecting up to 60 percent of heat penetration. It’s a wonderful product for windows where you want an unfiltered view as well as protection from harmful rays.
  • Sun Control  Series: This Nanotechnology-based series modestly tints windows. It deflects up to 80 percent of dangerous infrared penetration and 99 percent of ultraviolet light. The Sun Control Series can limit visible light by 30-50 percent and reduces excess heat by nearly 60 percent. It’s an almost clear film that proves to be tremendously energy efficient.
  • Privacy Series: This darker tinted product is designed to improve privacy, allowing only 15-35 percent visible light penetration. Even in full sun areas, it can reflect excess heat penetration up to 71 percent.

Heat Control Window Film FAQ 

Absolutely. Window film cools your interior, enhancing comfort and concentration. Window film also offers UV protection. The film allows you to enjoy window views and natural light in complete comfort, while you go easier on your AC unit throughout the summer.

On cool evenings and mornings, and through the winter months, window film helps seal warmth inside your home or business. Expect your heater to run more effectively.

Window film is not just a purchase. It’s an investment, with a return that begins the day the tint is installed and continues in every season.

Our expert installers measure your windows and properly clean and dry them. Next, the installer cuts your selected window film to fit each window, allowing for subtle contractions and expansions of the panes.

Then the window and the film are treated with a light application of soapy water, to manage static electricity. The tint is applied and pressed with a squeegee twice, to eliminate trapped water or air.

The adhesive is designed to work with glass only—not acrylic, polycarbonate, plexiglass, or other non-glass surfaces.

Window film will not work well on beveled or etched glass, but it can certainly be used to give your windows a textured or etched look.

You can wash and dry the tinted windows as you would any other windows. Just avoid ammonia, and any sharp cleaning tools that could scratch your film.

Most homes can be finished in a single day. If you have a number of large or elaborate windows, the work can take two days or more. We’d be glad to assess the work and offer you an estimate for both cost and work hours.

Yes. Today’s architectural window tinting films used for homes and commercial buildings are excellent for double pane windows.

Window tinting will last about 15 years, and ours comes with a 15-year commercial warranty. For home tinting, we offer a limited lifetime warranty, backed by Madico.

In summer, the tint will cure quickly. Spring and autumn are also good times to schedule your professional tinting.

Glamour Glaze, Utah’s top window film dealer, can advise you on when to have the tinting done. We install the best available film for Utah’s weather and climate.

Heat Control Window Film Estimates

Every home and business owner has individualized ideas about comfort, light health and energy efficiency. Many have a budget in mind as well. The cost of our heat control window films will vary, depending on the size and number of windows, as well as which film series you feel best meets your needs. Our customer service professionals are available to walk you through the various products we offer and help you create a tinting plan that suits your needs and resources. Our team of technicians specialize in window film and products are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Feel Comfortable in Your Utah Home or Business with Glamour Glaze Heat Control Window Films

If you are interested in lowering your energy bills and improving your windows, our experienced and certified professionals at Glamour Glaze have been working with the community for more than 30 years, as well as being Utah’s top home and business window film producer. Our team of professionals are available to help you maximize the benefits of light and heat controlling window films. Contact Glamour Glaze in Utah today by calling us at 801-776-8468 for more information as well as a free quote to meet your home, condo, or business window film needs. We look forward to working with you!