Whether you’re a business owner or homeowner, having the right level of privacy is important. If you’ve been searching for a privacy solution, consider installing a privacy window film from a trusted source in Utah like Glamour Glaze.

Glamour Glaze uses window films. Privacy window films are suitable for countless situations, including bathrooms, nurseries, hospitals, conference rooms and much, much more. In addition, privacy window films can help block UV light from entering a room, controlling the heat level and potentially lowering energy costs. Learn about your privacy window film options and find out about some of the most popular products offered by Glamour Glaze in Utah.

Privacy Control Window Films 

If you’re like many consumers looking for a privacy window film, you want to make sure that you’re purchasing the best option that the market has to offer. Fortunately, when you’re in Utah and shop with Glamour Glaze, you can choose MADICO high-quality window films.

Thanks to its dual reflective technology, it provides a superior level of privacy during the daytime hours while allowing you to easily see through your window at night. With the darker shaded films, you’ll be allowing between 15% and 35% of visible light through your windows while blocking 71% of the heat associated with UV rays.

If you want more control over how much sunlight enters your windows and access to improved privacy throughout the day and night, you need the reflective ability of the Nighttime Vision Series.

Benefits of Choosing the Nighttime Vision Series

Benefits of using this privacy window film including:

  • Reflective material helps block UV rays, which reduces heat and potentially lowers energy costs and can even lower the glare and strain on your eyes.
  • This film is scratch resistant to provide crystal clear views.
  • Because this film blocks UV light, it helps to prevent your furniture from fading
  • Comes with a Comprehensive warranty for residential and commercial locations.

Privacy Control Decorative Window Films

A concern for many homeowners considering installing a privacy window film in Utah is that it will detract from the appearance of your home. Luckily, when you shop with Glamour Glaze, you can choose our attractive, functional decorative window films.

Decorative Window Film can be used to improve the privacy in multiple areas of your home or business, create an open feel in any room, and can be installed on glass doors, bathroom windows, shower enclosures, and are even perfect for offices, conference rooms and more. In addition, Decorative Window Film is available in different styles such as etched, frosted, and textured glass.

Use Decorative Window Film in your home or business, and you’ll have the privacy that you need, night or day. Learn more about Glamour Glaze’s Decorative Window Film by visiting our Decorative Window Film page.

Get the Privacy and Comfort You Deserve with Glamour Glaze Window Films

If you’re ready to improve your savings, privacy, and views, your best solution is installing a privacy window film with the help of Glamour Glaze in Utah. We have been providing privacy and solar protection to businesses and homes in Utah for over 30 years, and our professionals can install your privacy film quickly and efficiently.

You can shop for different window tints from authorized dealers at Glamour Glaze and start planning your installation. Contact Glamour Glaze in Utah for a free estimate or give us a call at 801-776-8468 so that we can come to your property and measure your privacy window film needs today!