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COVID-19 Update

In light of recent ongoing events, Glamour Glaze is doing all we can to ensure the safety and wellness of our customers and staff – while continuing to serve you.

To protect everyone from any unnecessary risk of exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19), our teams are:

  1. Checked daily for signs of illness to be sure they are well before they perform services for clients.
  2. Our team practices social distancing and implement extra hand washing and sanitizers.
  3. We are careful to keep the spaces in your home or office where we’re working as clean and sanitized as possible.

We anticipate this policy will continue as long as needed. Please reach out to us if you have further questions or needs at this time. We know our customers rely on our services to keep their homes and businesses running smoothly and we’re taking measures to keep up with demand. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

As for yourself, we recommend keeping up to date with the latest public advice from The World Health Organization.

Thank you for your business and support!

Why Does Some Window Film Turn Purple?

When people are installing new windows (or making upgrades to existing ones), there are a few common questions that arise. One of the most common questions that people ask is with regard to the film that is in place on their windows. Sometimes, people notice that their window film actually turns purple. Some people want to know if this is a problem while others are confused by how the color change process actually happens. When window film does start to change color, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

Why Window Film is a Great Investment for Your Home

Buying a home is the single most expensive purchase most people will ever make in their lives. Because it’s already such a big investment, protecting it — or finding ways to improve upon — is a great idea. If you’re like many people, you didn’t think about the other costs involved in owning a home until you were faced with them. Lawn care, regular maintenance and replacing appliances are just a few of the additional costs of homeownership that are especially evident before you move it.

3 Ways Window Tinting Film Makes the Work Place Better

If your office is hiding Utah’s natural beauty behind blinds or drapes, they’re not alone! It seems a shame to cover a wall of office windows, hiding those inspiring views, doesn’t it? Just as at home, privacy can be important, and glare from the overly bright sun can be disruptive. But almost everyone agrees that natural light is better than other illumination, both for saving energy and for the quality of the light. Today, luckily, creative options exist for taming the light, both for office applications and at home. Modern choices are cost-effective, energy-efficient and effective at reducing glare and counteracting the effects of harmful UV rays.

Factors to Consider When Applying Window Tint Film to Different Doors

Windows and doors come in numerous sizes and styles. One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to windows and doors is the tint that is going to be placed on them. Window film for entry doors can be used to alter the room’s appearance, lower utility bills, and reduce wear and tear to furniture. Window film for sidelights can also be used to reduce the amount of light outside. Window film for shower doors and window film for pantry doors are also available. Before installing window and door tint film, there are several factors to consider.

Beat the Summer Heat with Window Tint for Your Home

Imagine sitting in your living room on a Saturday afternoon. You just want to relax and watch a movie, or maybe read a chapter or two of a book, but the sun coming in the window is too bright. What do you do? You could draw the blinds, but you don’t want to hide from the world. You just don’t want it to blind you. And wearing sunglasses in the house is just silly. Or is it?

You might not want to literally walk around your house in sunglasses, but there is an alternative that is even better, window tint film. It allows you to enjoy life inside your house, without completely blocking the outside; window tilt film from Glamour Glaze in four Utah locations.

How to Spot High-Quality Window Tinting

Window tinting is a cost-effective solution for many different problems facing homeowners and business owners across the state of Utah. High-quality window tinting offers protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, provides privacy, increases insulation and reduces sun glare. Professionally installed, high-quality window tinting in your home, office or vehicle will increase property value, reduce energy consumption, provide added security and boost your curb appeal or streamline the look of any vehicle. 

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