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Choosing Blinds for Your Home? Consider Window Film Instead!

Who doesn’t enjoy having sunshine stream into their home or workspace? Natural light is uplifting and aesthetically pleasing, which is one reason window film is often a better option than installing shades, blinds or exterior shutters.

Here’s a closer look at the many advantages of window film installation for your home.

Block UV Rays with Window Film

Ultraviolet light, over time, can damage your furniture, floors — even artwork hanging on your walls. Blinds, window shades, and heavy curtains can filter UV rays, but today’s tinted window films block up to 99% of UV rays. Yet you’ll still get to experience the energizing effect of natural sunlight as well as a view of your outdoor environment.

Window Film Offers Better TV Visibility

It can be unpleasant having rays of sunlight infiltrate your den, just as you settle in for an afternoon of sports watching. Rather than drawing curtains, closing shutters or lowering shades, why not install tinted window film to significantly reduce this unwanted glare? You’ll still be able to enjoy natural light while easily viewing your TV screen.

Window Film Adds Glass Shatter Resistance to Glass

You never know when an intruder may try and break one of your windows. Window film provides an extra layer of protection and keeps the glass from shattering. The film strengthens the glass — so even if an errant baseball from a neighborhood youngster flies through your kitchen window, you won’t end up with shattered glass in your home, which could cause an injury.

Added Energy Efficiency

If you have thermal curtains or blinds to help with temperature control, it’s easy to forget to draw them, and besides, you may want to enjoy the sunshine during daylight hours. Window film is a useful alternative and results in your air conditioning and heat systems not needing to work as hard. Your home will be more comfortable, especially from solar heat gain (which can cause up to one-third of your cooling costs), and you can see a drop in your energy bills.

Additional Privacy with Window Film

Window film gives you an added layer of privacy while allowing you an open view of the outdoors. Blinds, shades, and shutters don’t provide this option. Especially if your living room or home office faces a public pathway, this extra layer of privacy brings a comfortable ambiance to your home. Many people want large glass windows, yet they want privacy too. Window film is an effective way to create a private yet sun-filled living space.

Decrease the Risk of Skin Cancer in Your Home with Window Film

Ultraviolet light streaming through your windows can be detrimental to your health and increase your risk of skin cancer. Because window film is helpful in blocking UV rays, you can enjoy bountiful daylight in sunny areas of your home — and get a daily dose of vitamin D — all without worrying about catching harmful rays.

Are You Considering Window Film Installation for Your Home in Utah? Contact Glamour Glaze

At Glamour Glaze, we understand that you want a home with plenty of natural light shining in, yet you need to safeguard your furniture and home decor while enjoying privacy, energy savings, and glare reduction. We can provide you with expert advice and window film installation to meet your specific needs. To learn more, contact our team today! We’ll be happy to give you a free quote!

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