Having the windows of your car tinted has practically become standard, but many people may be unaware that the windows of your home or office benefit from being tinted as well. Having tinted film applied to your home windows can help reduce the cost of your utility bills by limiting the amount of energy that escapes naturally through untreated windows. In turn, your heating and cooling systems will be able to perform more efficiently, running for shorter periods of time to maintain your thermostat setting.

With proper care and cleaning, our low-maintenance residential window tinting should last for years to come. The experts at Glamour Glaze offer many varieties of tinting options and can help you make the most efficient choice for your home or office.

How To Clean Tinted Windows

Glamour Glaze Care Instructions - Clean Tinted Windows in Utah - Glamour Glaze, LLC.Cleaning windows that have been treated with tinted film is no more difficult than cleaning untreated windows. All that is really needed is a cloth and water, though many cleaning chemicals are just as safe to use, as well. Be sure to use an ammonia-free window cleaner, and a rag that you would use on an untreated window, preferably something that offers both cleaning and polishing qualities, such as microfiber or shammy.

Using water or a mild cleaning agent such as an ammonia-free traditional window cleaner is recommended to remove streaks, smudges, dirt and other buildups. Wash and dry the tinted windows as you would any other windows, taking note to not apply too much pressure to the film. You can also use a soft squeegee to remove any residual cleaning solution, and can also help prevent streaks.

What To Avoid When Cleaning A Tinted Window

  • Don’t clean your windows until the film has had a chance to cure. While the film is drying and attaching to the window, any pressure applied to the film can cause it to shift or disconnect from the window itself. The amount of time it takes for a window film to cure can vary depending on the size, style and even environmental factors; your installation specialist should be able to explain to you when it is safe for you to clean your newly-tinted windows.
  • Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia. Ammonia can weaken, discolor and permanently damage the film over time. You should also avoid any other abrasive cleaners, though natural options such as vinegar are perfectly safe to use on a tinted window film.
  • Never use any cleaning tool that could cut into the film.This includes hard squeegees, scouring pads, brushes with sharp bristles, and even coarse paper towels. These products can scratch or scuff your window film; a problem that can only be fixed by replacing the film entirely.

For Long-Lasting Home Window Tinting, Call Today

At Glamour Glaze, we offer a variety of window tinting options that have been designed specifically to be used in your home or office. From Sun Control or Daylight Redirecting films to improve temperature regulation and reduce your heating and cooling costs, to our attractive and highly customizable decorative tints, which are perfect for your business or your home, we strive to offer affordable and aesthetically pleasing choices to our customers. If you have any questions about window tinting and its benefits or care, please contact our office at (801) 776-8468 to speak with one of our friendly, professional experts or fill out our online contact form to request a complimentary price quote.