Modern looking Building with Architectural Window FilmAre you looking for architectural window films? At Glamour Glaze, we offer affordable and reliable window filming services to enterprises in Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding areas. Our state of the art glaziers is designed to suit your needs. We have immense experience in solving fading, glare and heat challenges. We are professionally trained, certified, experienced and authorized Sunscape Madico window film technicians. To learn more about our architectural window films, get in touch with Glamour Glaze in Utah by calling us at 801-776-8468 today.  

Signs that You Need Architectural Window Film:

Discolored Furniture

Faded office furniture reduces your office allure. It occurs when furniture gets exposed to direct sunlight over long durations. Besides, replacing them can cost you an arm and a leg. Alternatively, why don’t you install sun control window films? They prolong your furnitures durability by protecting it from direct sun rays.

Escalating Energy Bills

To heat and cool your office, a lot of energy is required. Many windows increase the heat inside the apartment from direct sunlight. As a result, employees rely on air-conditioning leading to increased utility bills. Commercial window films insulate your office reducing energy bills. Moreover, the window films retain heat during winter seasons.

Privacy Invasion

Privacy commercial window films allow you to have a clear view of the surrounding environment. Also, they allow light infiltration into the office but blocks passersby from peeping.

Architectural Window Filming Process

Typically, all Madico and Sunscape architectural window film pieces are made in advance then the crew then carry them to the site. To update it, a new one is designed. Once the colored material is acquired, a pattern is developed in the plotter software which visualizes the design. The unwanted parts of the film are removed attaining the desired shape forming an elegant glassy look at a low price.

Once this phase is over, the exhibit is dismantled, and each film is prepared for subsequent application. Highly competent designers carefully examine the architectural window film. It is treated and reinstalled on the wall. Each color has a particular spot. As the last step, the film is back-lit to enhance its design and unique tribute.

Features and Benefits of Architectural Window Film:

Medico and Sunscape window films are available in different hues and styles with numerous benefits, including:

Energy Saving and Carbon Dioxide Reduction

The films filter out over 80% of direct sunlight. They reduce air conditioning expenses. During winter, a Madico film retains interior heat hence minimizing heating costs.

Prolonged Furniture Durability

Direct sunlight accelerates your furniture’s depreciation. Replacing them is often expensive. A Sunscape film blocks direct sunlight and prevents it from damaging your furniture. They efficiently save energy, enhances your apartment’s safety and minimizes your cooling and heating costs.

Glare Reduction

Glare leads to eye straining and reduced productivity. Closing blinds increase artificial lighting expenses. Sunscape Madico architectural window films allow light penetration while restricting glare.

Increased Safety

Splintered glass poses a threat to your clients and staff. Our films are specially designed to hold glass pieces to avoid property damage. It also prevents burglars from breaking into your house. The films are ideal for retail shops.

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