Glamour Glaze is proud to provide window film solutions to increase employee comfort and more importantly, their safety in the workplace. Window film is a cost effective solution for both public and local, state and federal government buildings throughout Utah. As Utah’s leading window tinting provider, we are an authorized MADICO provider serving business owners and government agencies across the Beehive State.

Window Films By Glamour Glaze For Government and Public Multi Storied BuildingsThe addition of window film will improve the appearance of your building, reduce energy consumption and offer added protection from burglary, terroristic threats and severe weather. By choosing professionally installed window film from Glamour Glaze, you are choosing a greener solution through reduced energy costs. Window film shields the harmful ultraviolet heat of direct sunlight through solar reflection. Here is a quick guide with important information about the many benefits of choosing window film for your office building:

Cost Savings with Energy Efficient Window Film

Window film from Glamour Glaze is an excellent solution for the national mandate to conserve non-renewable energy. Cost-effective window film can actually block up to 86% of solar heat absorption. Utah’s harsh winters can cause internal heat loss by up to a third, the insulating properties of window film will help your building retain heat throughout the cold winter months.

UV Protection for Optimal Comfort

Window film gives you all the benefits of light from the sun while blocking UV rays through solar reflection. The reduction of harmful infrared rays and sun glare will not only prevent hot spots, employees will also benefit from reduced eyestrain caused by computer screen glare. Quality window film from Glamour Glaze will also prevent sun damage and fading for carpets, artwork, books and other stored materials.

Enhanced Security and Protection

Keeping your employees, customers and the public safe from harm is increasingly becoming a top priority for public building administrators and many government agencies. Window film offers several important safety benefits with privacy and security. Window film can replace the need for window treatments like blinds and curtains while maintaining privacy. With improved strength and stability and options like tinting and the addition of room number, names and directions, window film adds enhanced security and protection for both exterior and interior windows, doors and partitions.

  • Enhanced strength from the seal and reinforcement of window film will prevent shattering from vandalism, burglary attempts, exterior or interior blasts, extreme weather conditions and flying debris.
  • MADICO window tinting film offers privacy for those inside the building without obstructing outdoor visibility. This ensures a clear view of outside surroundings. Window film tinting added to interior windows, doors and partitions will also provide privacy protection for classified or sensitive information.
  • Adjustable room numbers, directions and names prominently posted on doors with decorative window film will help direct visitors and can also be a valuable reference for navigation in case of emergency by directing employees and visitors alike to safety. Decorative window film is a cost-effect alternative to etched glass.

What to Expect from Glamour Glaze

Glamour Glaze is the official authorized MADICO dealer for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas offering numerous energy saving and security solutions for businesses and government agencies. Choose from sun control, daylight redirection and clear to dark tint for energy savings and privacy. Our customizable decorative window film can feature business name/logo, hours of operation, directional information, room numbers/names and slogans. When you choose Glamour Glaze, we will help you determine the most cost-effective solutions, schedule the best time for installation, prepare the interior rooms and windows and professionally install the film. Browse the following option to choose the best options for your office space:

Affordable Window Film Options for Government Buildings

Our window-tinting professionals offer a wide variety of leading edge window film by MADICO at affordable prices and backed by one of the best and most inclusive warranty in the industry to cover your window tinting for 15 years. With specialized options like redirecting sunlight and sun control to decorative film featuring logos or slogans, Glamour Glaze will enhance your workspace with comfort, protection and value. Click here to contact us or give us a call at 801-876-1696 to speak with a professional window tint technician to help you find a cost-effective solution to greatly improve the appearance, atmosphere and safety of your work place.