Control the sun's negative effects & retain illumination and visibility

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Although many people may not realize it, sunlight is one of the most damaging natural elements coming into a person’s home or business. If not properly controlled, sunlight brings with it harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, glare on computer monitors and television screens, discoloration and fading of valuable furnishings and most costly of all, excessive heat that can only be mitigated with air conditioning.

Until relatively recently, blinds, awnings or shades were needed to lessen these byproducts of the sun. The issue is that in reducing these negatives, the positive quality of natural light is diminished as well.

Introducing Sun Control Films

Fortunately, a solution to this problem exists in the form of MADICO Sun Control window films. Sun Control window films allow light in and keep the harmful heat and damage of the sun’s rays out. Best of all, these benefits are available to you without you needing to change the overall appearance of your home or business.

By repelling and rejecting heat, you’ll save money by reducing your energy demands while simultaneously increasing the comfort of your living or working space. This is great news for residents and businesses alike:

  • Homeowners and renters — Both homeowners and renters will save on home cooling costs
  • Landlords — Energy savings translate to greater tenant retention
  • Retailers — Retailers appreciate Sun Control films because they protect high-value merchandise in store windows from fading and create more pleasant environments to shop in, with lower operating costs
  • Offices — Businesses can save money and realize productivity gains from greater comfort and reduced glare for workers

In fact, consumers of all types can benefit from Sun Control films. There are three different varieties of Sun Control films available:

Heat Control Window Tinting Film

Heat control window tinting films are the ultimate in high tech, providing clear film technology and outstanding heat rejection. With little to no tinting, Sunscape Series films let between 40 to 70 percent of visible light into your home or business while rejecting up to 60 percent of the associated heat. The reflectivity of the film is lower than glass, so all you’ll see during the day or at night from outside (or even within) is a beautiful window.

Heat from the sun’s rays comes from two different sources — visible light and invisible infrared light. These films reject up to 97 percent of the infrared light using nonmetallized multiple layers and advanced nanotechnology. Heat is reduced by up to 60 percent and up to 99 percent of all UV rays are rejected, reducing fading of objects and furnishings.

Sun Control Window Tinting Film

Sun control window films help you achieve control over the sun’s negative effects while retaining the positive qualities of illumination and visibility. You’re afforded greater privacy while saving money and helping to protect the environment via reduced energy use.

Privacy Window Film

Privacy window films provide dual reflective technology for greater daytime privacy while permitting easier viewing of the outdoors at night due to their low interior reflectivity. Privacy films are darker shaded, allowing between 15 and 35 percent of visible light into your home during the day and rejecting up to 71 percent of heat from the sun’s rays. Higher exterior reflectivity means your privacy is increased both day and night.

Sun Control Window Film FAQ

Yes, sun control window film does help to reduce heat. The film is made to reflect the rays from the sun. This means that the ultraviolet radiation, which contributes to rising temperatures, is also reflected. This will help to keep the inside at a constant temperature.

Yes, this sun control window film also doubles as a heat control window film. These window films are insulated which means that they reduce temperature flow across the surface. This will help keep heat inside during the winter, ensuring that everyone stays warm. This will contribute to lower heating bills.

For those wondering how it install heat control window film, it is almost always installed on the inside. This protects the film from being damaged by the rays from the sun. If the film is installed on the outside, it degrades more quickly.

Sun control window film works by reflecting the sun’s rays. The film is designed with special material that reflects the wavelengths and frequencies of UV radiation. Not only does this reflect heat and insulate the home but it will also keep furniture on the inside from degrading due to the UV rays.

Not all sun control window films will make a house dark. Some window films do come tinted and sometimes this is sometimes called privacy heat control window film. If the window films are tinted to an extreme point, they can sometimes make a home dark. This is not universal, though.

Many kinds of window film come with a powerful adhesive that can make them hard to remove. In some cases, window films come with an adhesive remover that can make them easier to take off.

For those wondering how to install heat control window film, it is relatively straightforward. First, cut the window film to match the shape of the window. Then, flatten it against the inside of the window. Make sure to get any air bubbles out and trim the edges.

Some window films do provide added privacy as well. Some of the best heat control window film also provide an element of one-way vision. This allows people inside to see outside but outside observers will not be able to see the inside of the home. This provided an added element of privacy.

Why Get Sun Control Window Film in Utah? 

Did you know that you could be overpaying for your energy bills by as much as 30%?

Allowing your furniture to wear out 400% faster?

What about increasing your risk of skin cancer by 400% in your own home?

If any of this is unacceptable to you, consider gettingsun control window film installed by the professionals at Glamour Glaze, the #1 window film installer in Utah.

The Benefits of Sun Control Window Film Installation

UV Protection for Your Home or Business

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun damages skin at the cellular level, drastically increasing our risk of skin cancer. We may think we are safe indoors, but ordinary window glass doesn’t block UV radiation any more than it blocks visible light. You can get sunburned in your own home.

UV radiation doesn’t just damage skin; it also damages furniture and fades paint. Furniture left exposed to untinted windows wills how signs of wear and tear years or even decades ahead of schedule.

Sun protection film for house windows and office windows blocks out up to 80% of these rays, prolonging the life of your furniture and paint job and protecting your health from ultraviolet radiation.

Decreased Energy Bills

Sun film for home windows and office windows helps you save money on heating and cooling your interior, all year long.

In the summer, sun control window film blocks light and infrared radiation, causing your interior to heat up more slowly. This means less energy expended on air conditioners to maintain a comfortable temperature.

In the winter, the film attracts what sunlight there is, heating up the windows. Heat tends to want to flow to its opposite. If your warm interior air encounters warm windows, that expensive furnace heat doesn’t get sucked outside nearly as quickly.

Overall, homes and offices with sun control window film cost as much as 30% less to heat or cool throughout the year. Sun control window film installation can easily pay for itself.

Improve Your Interior Lighting with Sun Control Window Film

Sun film for window glass causes much less light to be refracted around your interior in the form of glare. With sun film for glass on your windows, you can work or play anywhere in the building without sun glare in your eyes.

Window film redirects up to 80% of the sun’s light to the ceiling, resulting in a more comfortable work environment and decreasing your dependence on electric light … further reducing energy bills.

Safety and Privacy

Sun control window film protects the interior of your home or office from nosey onlookers. If the glass is broken or shattered, the film holds the shards together, preventing a shart, hard-to-clean mess.

Glamour Glaze: The Best in Sun Control Window Film

Whatever the universe throws at your windows, from UV rays to peeping toms to rogue hailstones, Glamour Glaze has you covered.

Glamour Glaze Window Tinting has the perfect window film to properly protect your home or business from damaging sunlight and UV rays. We install only thehighest-quality window film products produced by MADICO and Sun Scape. Our limited-lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranties are the best in the business. We can work with your architect, interior designer, or contractor to give your home or office that “limousine look.

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