Commercial Window Tinting in Utah

Commercial window tinting adds to the beauty of any building and office space.

Commercial Window TintingGlamour Glaze Window Tinting is the leading Commercial Window Tinting Company in Utah. Commercial window tinting, though known for its safety benefits, has many other advantages that businesses often overlook. By owning a business and being responsible for the building, it means you’re also responsible for the look and feel of the building as well. Are your customers comfortable while they are there? Can your employees get their work done efficiently? These are important things to consider while being a business owner.

If you’re looking for window tinting in Utah, contact Glamour Glaze for more information about choosing the best window tinting option for your specific business’s needs.

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Commercial Window Tinting helps Protect Electronics, People and Merchandise

Office space, computers, people, and other electronics should be protected from the sun since they can be easily damaged by it. For a storefront, some tinting is essential when planning to utilize window space in hot climates. Many owners of storefronts find themselves in trouble when all of their window merchandise yellows from the sun, thus making it worthless.

While protecting employees and office equipment from harmful UV radiation, it allows the blinds to remain open and sun to pour in without all the glare and harmful effects of direct sunlight. Pulling the blinds makes the entire office space seem closed in, stuffy, dark, and totally reliant on fluorescent lighting.

Glamour Glaze Offers Commercial Window Tinting Services

Glamour Glaze Window Tinting serves the Salt Lake City area, and all tints come with a manufacturer’s warranty, giving peace of mind and insurance in a good purchase. Glamour Glaze Window Tinting provides all forms of tinting films including sun control, decorative, and privacy. Your customers will be comfortable in an environment that’s at a temperature they enjoy. Plus, your business will look that much more professional with a wall that has a decorated frosted pattern or business name.

Businesses whether small or large must think about conservation of energy and improvement of working conditions in order to thrive. Whether a business is small or a multi-million dollar corporation, reducing expenses in all aspects is paramount to healthy functioning and success. Installing Sunscape window film in an office space guarantees the business and employees will enjoy the benefits year after year. The durable nature and manufacturer’s warranty on our products guarantee years of energy conservation, protection of merchandise, and the comfort of both employees and clients.

Affordable Style Options for Business Window Tinting

Window tinting is also used to decorate the office. Logos can be added to tint to reinforce the company branding. Glamour Glaze Window Tinting has the technology to cut unique patterns and images into the tinted film of your choice. All the same technology used to cut vinyl decals (also available) is implemented in this process. Use it as an alternative to etched glass, which can be costly. It is much cheaper and far less of a hassle to remove. For privacy without sacrificing style, different textured films are available to separate spaces without losing natural light. It has been proven that beautifully designed spaces help to increase worker productivity. When people are happier, they are more likely to do good work in a timely fashion.

Increase Worker Comfort and Productivity with Office Window Tinting

Comfort is important when doing any kind of work, but especially when you want customers to make purchases. Window tinting can help office workers and staff stay productive because the effects of window tint helps to keep them physically comfortable. Tint lessens the glare on computer screens, while limiting exposure to harmful UV rays. Best of all, this technology still allows natural light to penetrate the space for light. People who sit by windows get over heated, resulting in head and eye aches normally. This problem is greatly relieved by window tinting, while allowing the areas around the windows to be more efficiently utilized.

Cut Your Energy Costs in Utah With Commercial Window Tinting from Glamour Glaze

Is your office space heating unevenly? Because a window with tint allows natural light to flood into a room without glare or heat, you can save on electricity bills by having less lights on and cooling bills by allowing the film to keep some of the heat out. Film reduces the incoming heat so that the building has a chance to equalize, cool, and heat the space evenly. This will save tons in utility costs while still allowing the space to seem open.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that one-third of the energy used to heat a building is lost through its windows and that nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. It has been proven that an undeniable 84% of heat or cool air that is normally lost through windows can be prevented with film installment. With these kinds of numbers, a business or home can’t afford not to tint. We estimate a pay back of three years on a tinted window investment.

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Spread Natural Light with Commercial Window Tinting

A brand new technology, called Daylight Redirecting Film, uses special micro-replication technology to redirect light that usually hits the floor onto the ceiling. This helps to light the room an estimated 40 feet from the window, utilizing natural light that normally gets wasted. Working in natural light is linked to a higher productivity and more purchases.

Daylight Redirecting Film directly reduces dependency on electricity. The “micro-replication” technology refers to microscopic structures that are able to redirect as much as 80% of light up onto the ceiling that would usually end up in front of the window. This allows for an awesome natural light effect. When combined with other methods like lighting controls, it can reduce usage by up to 52%.

Commercial Window Tinting Prices

How much does window tinting cost? Depending on the size of the space and windows you wish to be tinted, the price can vary dramatically. An estimate done by a trained Glamour Glaze Window Tinting technician can answer this question easily. Contact us for a free window tinting estimate today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Window Films

Below are some of the most common questions and answers we receive about commercial window film.

Glamour Glaze provides commercial properties of all types with security films designed to create a safer environment, prevent graffiti, and reflect away the glare and heat caused by the sun’s UV rays. Our customers include retail establishments, schools, government and public buildings, business spaces, and any other type of building used for commercial purposes.

We offer a window tint warranty of 15 years for our commercial window tinting products.

As the best window tinting in Utah option, our staff has significant experience and training in handling commercial window film installation on high-rise office buildings, hotels, and other multi-story commercial structures.

Although installation of window tint in Utahg requires 4 to 5 feet of space in front of the windows so they can be properly cleaned prior to putting the tint in place, we strive to work with customers to ensure minimal disruption of the workplace. Our skilled staff knows how to put on window tint efficiently and quickly. We’re also happy to schedule commercial grade window film installation for evenings and weekends.

One of the major benefits of window film is that it’s highly effective in reducing the amount of visible sunlight that naturally comes through windows, thus decreasing the glare on electronic screens.

Madico window film can help keep prying eyes from seeing into the interior of your business. Retail establishments often use decorative window film to increase their appeal to customers, and these can also reduce visibility from the outside.

Window film benefits include significant savings on energy costs. Solar window films prevent up to 80% of the heat entering buildings through the windows, therefore reducing air conditioner activity. Commercial window tint film also helps stabilize interior temperatures so that HVAC settings aren’t being constantly adjusted in order to achieve a certain temperature.

Utah commercial window tinting provides a sleek aesthetic that improves the overall appearance of any commercial building. We offer a wide variety of shades and colors designed to complement and enhance the exteriors of buildings of all colors and architectural types.

One of the most commonly asked questions concerning window tinting Utah residents ask is how to clean commercial tinted windows. Although cleaning tinted windows is just as easy as cleaning their non-tinted counterparts, it’s important to use a cleaning solution that does not contain ammonia on tinted windows. You also shouldn’t clean the windows until the film has had adequate time to cure.

Window film is entirely removable. Retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses that draw customers from the general public often choose to use decorative window film to convey seasonal themes or reinforce their brand theme by having their logo and name included on their main front window. We provide a 15-year warranty on our commercial window film. If you want to switch out or replace old window tint, our professionals are more than happy to properly remove and install the window film.