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How Hotels are Improving Energy Efficiency with Window Tinting

Energy costs have been a problem for large hotels since the inception of the HVAC system. Each room has to be heated and cooled separately to suit the hotel’s guests. A hotel with hundreds of rooms may have an energy bill running into the millions of dollars. However, energy costs don’t have to be so high. Modern window tint can reduce heat loss (or heat gain, if it’s hot outside) by up to 25%. This can reduce the energy bill by up to 5% per year. Most hotels that have window tint installed get their money back within three years. After this, they are saving money for the rest of the lifespan of the window tint. Anyone can save money with by getting a professional tint job from Glamour Glaze.

Hotels Currently Using Window Tinting

The Hyatt Regency in Houston had problems with energy bills and room temperature for years. The 924,000 square foot hotel is one of the largest in Houston. Known for its hot climate, the temperature of the rooms was rising to uncomfortable levels, causing guests to use their room’s HVAC control. This resulted in an energy bill of $1.6 million dollars a year. The hotel’s management decided to use window tint to try and combat the problem. The improvement was immediate and significant. Heating energy costs were reduced by 25%, while cooling energy costs were reduced by 23%. The savings from this mean that the hotel will get its money back and start saving money in less than four years.

The Marriott in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was having similar problems.  Guest rooms that received a great deal of sunlight couldn’t be cooled adequately by the building’s HVAC systems. Attempts to do so caused high energy bills, and installing a new HVAC system was cost-prohibitive. The Marriott, as with the Hyatt Regency, decided to install window tint. The hotel’s heating and cooling costs are expected to drop by 5%, which will ensure the Marriott gets its money back and starts saving within three years.

Types of Commercial Window Tints

There are three main types of window tint for both commercial and residential applications. Decorative window tint is for appearance’s sake and can be applied in nearly any design our client wishes. While decorative tint is pretty self-explanatory, it is easy to confuse sun control tint and daylight redirecting tint. Sun control tint limits changes in temperature due to the climate. Daylight redirecting tint allows natural light to cover more area inside a structure.

Decorative Window Tint

  • Can be etched with a logo or image, transforming your glass into an eye-catching design.
  • Enables attractive options for shower doors, bathroom windows, and kitchen cabinets.
  • Films allow a pleasing alternative, without the cost of etching.
  • Allows you to maintain privacy and keep natural lighting.

Daylight Redirecting Film

  • Redirects up to 80% of sunlight from the ceiling to the floor.
  • Light a room 30 to 40 feet from the window with natural light.
  • Save money on energy bills.

Sun Control Window Film

  • Assists in maintaining consistency of temperature in your home or business.
  • Reduce costs to cool or heat your space by up to 30%.
  • Decreases fading of carpets and furnishings by blocking up to 99% of UV rays.

Glamour Glaze: Utah’s Premier Provider of Window Tinting Services

While window tinting is catching on in commercial applications, it is still relatively new to residential applications. You could be on the cutting edge of energy saving technology and save thousands of dollars a year with our reasonably priced and quick-to-install window tint. Contact us at 801-776-8468 or

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