Residential & Commerical Tinting Warranty in Utah

Windows play a key role in enhancing the appearance and function of a residence or business property. In addition to allowing entrance of natural light, windows provide scenic views of surrounding landscape, improve air circulation, brighten the environment and enhance a home’s visual appeal. By tinting the windows in your home or business, you gain additional benefits of great value.

Although natural light is a boon to any environment, too much sunshine can increase the temperature inside a home or business, forcing your AC system to work harder to maintain a cool and comfortable setting. Direct sunlight on furnishings and carpets can also cause fabrics to fade or discolor. Window tinting can help prevent these problems without compromising on lighting or picturesque views. At Glamour Gaze, we offer a number of professional window tint options to suit your residential or commercial needs. Our extensive lineup of MADICO window film products will help manage solar heating in your home or business while providing you with greater privacy.

Advantages of Choosing MADICO Window Tinting

By choosing MADICO window films, you benefit from quality tinting that can last up to 15 years, depending on film type, glass type, area climate and window placement. As an official MADICO window films dealer, we offer professional installation services to maximize window tinting performance. Professional tinting services enables you to benefit from full warranty for your MADICO product.

MADICO window tint gives a home or business a polished appearance, improving the aesthetic appeal of your property. You’ll enjoy the extra privacy that tinted windows have to offer without sacrificing natural lighting. Tinted windows require little maintenance and care to keep them looking their best; a simple window cleaner with no abrasives will suffice to keep your surfaces clean and shiny.

MADICO Window Film Warranties

Warranty-SealAll MADICO residential and commercial window films are backed by comprehensive warranties that guarantee quality craftsmanship and performance.

Through these warranties, we guarantee that MADICO window films will provide you with:

  • Optimum solar protective services for the duration of the warranty period without cracking or peeling
  • Proper film adhesion that won’t blister, bubble or peel off the glass
  • A professional, attractive appearance with no discoloration
  • A durable, long lasting finish that resists tears, scratches and penetration

Types of Window Films

MADICO window films come in various types to coincide with different types of properties. Selecting the appropriate film is key to getting the results you desire.

  • Sun Control Window Film lets you manage the entrance of sunlight in a room in order to maintain a cooler environment. Sun Control Film also reduces glare to enhance TV and/or computer viewing.
  • Decorative Window Film enhances the privacy of your home or business property. Customized window tinting will make your home or business stand out from the crowd. Decorative window film can be used for private residences, retail properties, business offices, restaurants, storefronts and more.
  • Daylight Redirecting Film enables you to direct sunlight to specific areas in an environment to maximize natural light. An increase in natural lighting reduces the need to use electric lights, enabling you to save on energy costs. Natural lighting has also been proven more effective in stimulating efficiency and productivity.

At Glamour Glaze, we specialize in MADICO window film and installation for Salt Lake City and surrounding communities in the Utah area. We invite you to contact us here, or call 801-776-8468 to learn more about upgrading your home or business with our top-of-the-line window tint services and products. We look forward to showcasing our wares, answering your questions and helping you discover all that window tinting has to offer.