Choosing the right tinting shade for your window is not just about the amount of light you want to let in. At Glamour Glaze we also consider other technical aspects such as room temperature, glare, and privacy. Our professionals at Glamour Glaze have a good history with installing Madico window tints in Utah and have amassed a great wealth of knowledge.

Your choice of the window tint usually depends on the following factors:

  • Level of privacy.
  • Amount of light to let in.
  • Glare.
  • Whether to increase or reduce the room temperature.

If You’re Looking for Privacy:

If you are looking to improve the privacy of your room, most people recommend opting for a lower tint percentage. This is because window films with a tint percentage of below 20% are usually darker and hence they let in very little lightIf you have a home with large windows, you might want to have some level of privacy while also letting in plenty of light into the room. You might also want a high degree of privacy in some rooms such as bathrooms, office partitions, and entryways. Our textured tints also prevent people from seeing through your windows in the night when you have your lights on.

If You’re Wanting Better Visibility:

If you have a storefront business with a window display section, you want the people outside to view the displayed merchandise with ease. The Sun Control series is a great solution for such a business since this window film has a low exterior visible reflection and hence potential customers can view the products without worrying about the sun’s reflection. Most windows also have a high interior reflectivity at night which prevents you from seeing the outside. To solve this problem, our professionals at Glamour Glaze install Privacy window tints that have a low interior visible reflection. The window film lets you enjoy the night view from your office. You can also see through your windows at home in the night without having to turn off the lights in the house.

If You’re Needing to Reduce that Glare:

If you operate computers on your business and have difficulty viewing the screen due to the glare from the windows, then the Sun Control window films are perfect for you. These films reduce the glare caused by natural light while also allowing plenty of light to get through. It also doesn’t compromise your view of the exterior.

The window films can also be used in houses where the glare from the window affects interferes with your TV viewing experience.

If You’re Wanting to Keep Heat in or Out:

There are two scenarios when dealing with weather control. The first one is where you want to keep your room warm due to the cold weather outside. Our line of window films helps to keep the room warm by redistributing the room temperature to reduce cold spots. It also blocks out the cold temperatures outside. Many homes in Utah opt for this window films to protect their homes during the winter.

The second scenario is where you want to reduce the room temperature. The Heat Control window films help you to solve this problem. If your home or business premises gets too hot due to the sun’s heat from the windows, these Sun Control window films are the best option for you since they reject almost 80 percent of the sun’s heat without compromising the lighting or visibility.

Our window film experts at Glamour Glaze install window films in Utah that act as a multipurpose climate control for your home and business premises.

If You’d Like to Redirect Sunlight to Better Fill Your Space:

On regular windows and glass surfaces, the sun’s rays are usually concentrated in a certain spot at various times throughout the day. This concentration creates hot spots at different times making some locations in your business or home uncomfortable. In a storefront restaurant, customers might shun certain seats during daytime due to the excess heat or glare from the windows. It is also common to see some sections having excess light while others appear dark. If you use artificial lighting to illuminate some parts of your business premises clearly, then you should choose from the Daylight Redirecting Films to redistribute the light in your premises. These window films help to reflect light upwards and inwards so that the room is lit evenly.

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