Row of Townhouses or Condos Window TintingNatural light is something often valued in a home, particularly if it’s a condo or townhouse. However, an overly lit and exposed home may seem more of a curse. Instead of covering up your abundantly lit home with curtains or blinds, consider treating your windows with a window film can that help you enjoy your natural light without shading or eliminating it. Another benefit of window tinting is the privacy it provides. Whether you are located in an area people frequent that invites undesirable attention, or you have a view you don’t care to have, the experts at Glamour Glaze can help with installing MADICO window films.

Townhouse or Condo Window Tinting

Window tinting is a process by which window film is installed on windows. It helps you live comfortably in your space free of glare, heat, and other issues that tend to arise from too much natural light. Often, condos and townhomes are easily impacted by temperature change, and window films bring down utility costs associated with both hot and cold weather. Giving you the privacy in an area where neighbors can often be closer than you’d like, condo/townhouse window film is not permanent, and may be removed. It is in fact beneficial, offering protection to your windows from scratching at only a few millimeters in thickness. Once removed, it leaves no traces. It’s ideal for a home whether you live there long or short term.

Benefits of Condo Window Tinting

Using window tinting film gives an added value to your property because you get to comfortably enjoy your living space.

  • The harsh brightness is gone without eliminating natural light. Window film doesn’t darken a space; your view is actually enhanced as you can see outdoors without extreme light and glare interfering. The summer sun and winter snow no longer have a blinding effect on you.
  • Your furniture won’t fade from too much direct light and glare. Sunlight and glare are known to cause furniture and fabric to fade. Your house and everything in it can remain in good visible condition with this extra way of preserving your things.
  • You’ll have UV protection. With MADICO window tinting film, UV rays are filtered through your window, blocking up to 99% of them. You can rest at ease you and your family are protected without too much unnecessary sun on your skin.
  • Your indoor energy costs are reduced. The temperature the sun emits from its light can have an immediate and all-encompassing effect in your space. Summer sun rays are shielded, reducing heat by 78% indoors. Window tinting is also beneficial during cold winter months, and help in retaining heat indoors.
  • You get the privacy you deserve and block an undesirable view. Window tint films are available to help keep your indoor space private. They may also serve to block an unsatisfactory view.

Glamour Glaze: Utah’s Premier Condo Window Tinting Company

We are here to help improve the experience in your personal living space with a non-intrusive solution. We offer different types of window films to fit your priorities in your condo or townhome, including:

At Glamour Glaze, we perform a professional installation of both residential and commercial tinting film by completing thorough steps, including custom cutting film to your window dimensions, cleanly and precisely installing film, and using a squeegee to remove any existing bubbles under the film. Please contact us for your free condo/townhouse window tinting quote! You may fill out our form, give us a call at 801-776-8468, or email us: to schedule a free consultation.