What Is Daylight Redirecting Film?

As Utah’s premiere MADICO distributor, Glamour Glaze has added a new style of window tint to their already impressive product catalog. Daylight Redirecting Film was designed to spread sunlight out across the ceiling instead of allowing it to pool on the floor, maximizing the use of natural light and eliminating solar hot spots. Increasing the use of natural light has a number of both health and cost benefits.

How it Works - Daylight Redirecting Film

A case study with the United States Department of Energy under their Environmental Security Technology Certification Program demonstrated the benefits of Daylight Redirecting Film showing an increase in illuminance as high as 25%. This also lead to a reduction in lighting energy by 13%. Another study conducted with the Sacramento Municipal Utilities Department compared the product to daylight redirecting blinds and light shelves. That study resulted in more light being brought deeper into the building using Daylight Directing Film.

How Daylight Redirecting Tint Works

Daylight Redirecting Film utilizes a new technology known as “micro-replication” to take solar rays that would otherwise enter your office and redirect them away from the floor and towards the ceiling, helping to naturally light the room up to 40 feet from the window. Installed in the upper portions of windows, Daylight Redirecting Film replaces traditional light redirecting methods, such as light shelves, without the added cost of hardware installation.

Daylight Redirecting Film can be integrated into either new or existing windows without requiring any additional hardware, special cleaning or additional maintenance. The experts at Glamour Glaze Window Tinting have over 30 years of experience installing window films in both business and residential environments. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out just how much a window film can benefit you.

Benefits Of Daylight Redirecting Film

Natural light hosts a number of benefits, including releasing endorphins, elevating mood and energy, and Vitamin D production. Experts suggest exposure to the sun even just a few minutes a day is enough to reap the benefits associated with Vitamin D. Daylight Redirecting Film takes these benefits and expands them up to 8 feet into an interior for every 1 foot of treated window. Other benefits of treating windows include:

  • Reducing the discomfort caused by direct sunlight, including glare.
  • Providing up to 52% in lighting energy savings and reducing dependence on artificial lighting.
  • Increasing employee productivity and increased health benefits.

The micro-structured prisms not only redirect over 80% of light, but also diffuse it to make it more evenly distributed at any time of day. Window films also traditionally lower energy costs by maintaining a consistent temperature in your office, so not only will the Daylight Redirecting Film help to distribute sunlight more evenly, but also lower energy costs and usage of your heating or air-conditioning system.

Contact Glamour Glaze For More Information

Many factors go into determining the design that can best suit your needs, including location, orientation and building layout. If you’re interested in adding Daylight Redirecting Film to your office, contact Glamour Glaze Window Tinting for a free estimate today or give us a call at (801) 776-8468.