Why Have Authorized Dealers Install Your Window Film - Professional Window Tint in Utah - Glamour Glaze, LLCDo you need more from your window film investment? It only pays off if the window films are installed correctly using the right adhesives by a qualified professional. The transparency, durability, and appearance of your windows will not be as impressive as they ought to be if you just decide to buy any window tint and install it by yourself. Buying window tints from our authorized dealers at Glamour Glaze and letting them install for you is a guarantee that the installation will fulfill your home improvement needs. 

Why Professional Window Tint Installation Matters

Here are some of the reasons why the installation of window tints by an authorized dealer should be a concern:

  • Better transparency – One reason for applying window tints is to filter out the glare of the sun without affecting the transparency. Without proper know-how, mistakes such as not cleaning the windows professionally before installation, and applying the window film to the outside rather than inside, can leave uneven surfaces during installation. But with professional installers, they fit window films without leaving any creases that can affect the transparency of the window.  
  • Professional appearance – Imagine what would happen if you accidentally touched the window film with the adhesive you’re using to install. Either you’ll have to scratch or peel off the contact point, or buy another film if the blemishes are unbearable. Buying a new film is an additional cost. On the other hand, if the blemishes remain they will make your window look ugly. Thus, hiring a professional installer is the best strategy, as they’ll take full responsibility if anything happens during installation.
  • Better Durability – incorrect installation of window films leads to a higher susceptibility to wear, peeling off, and scratches. Consequentially, the film may slough off anytime the window is being opened or closed, even when using the slightest force. For a longer lifespan, let an authorized dealer install the film correctly for you so that it remains intact and sparkling, even after cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners.  
  • Warranty – Irrespective of whether you want window tinting for commercial or residential purposes, a professional installer should guarantee you that their services are reliable and dependable. In this case, a reliable installer will offer you a reasonable warranty such that if the films slough off before the expiration of the warranty period, you can have them replaced at no cost. At Glamour Glaze, we’ve been in the business of satisfying our window tinting customers for over 25 years and are happy to extend complete satisfaction to our customers by providing unbeatable warranties for our commercial and residential window film.

Your Madico Authorized Dealer

For all your commercial or residential window tinting needs, our certified experts at Glamour Gaze are ready to assist you. As an authorized Madico Dealer in Utah, we have a variety of window tint options and Madico window film products to meet all your needs; may it be to reduce glare, increase privacy, trim energy cost, or increase your home’s value. We offer you free advice on the best tint options based on the glass type, window placement, and your area’s climate. Our staff members are certified and you’ll not have to worry about any working-at-heights regulations. For a free tinting estimate, contact Glamour Glaze in Utah or give us a call at 801-776-8468 and we will come right to your premises to take the necessary measurements.