Elementary SchoolUtah administrators considering window film for schools will want to know about Glamour Glaze. We’re Utah’s leading window tinting company and an authorized MADICO provider.

Our commercial window films adhere to glass. The result? An enhanced appearance, with a smooth, professional finish on the inside and out.

Why Window Tinting Benefits Schools

With MADICO window tinting products, any shade of film is available, ranging from dark to transparent.

Here are some of the benefits of window film for schools in Utah.

1. Comfort and UV Protection for Optimal Learning

Window films allow daylight to shine into classrooms and offices while offering a cooling effect through solar reflection.

Shielded from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, students, teachers, and staff enjoy a bright indoor atmosphere without feeling hot in areas of the building that receive direct sunlight. The reduction of glare on computer monitors and electronic screens eases eye strain.

Window tinting also protects books and posters, artwork, lab equipment, chemicals, medicines, and other stored materials — any items that might degrade in sunlight and ultraviolet light. Our films redirect up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays.

2. Improved Safety for Students and Staff

Easing navigation through the building for students, staff, and safety personnel, room numbers and names can be added to tinted doors with decorative window film. This is a cost-effective (and adjustable!) alternative to etched glass.

Our window tinting film from MADICO has another important safety benefit for people in the building. It prevents the shattering of glass in case of wind, storm or tree damage, or other incidents.

The film seals and reinforces one or both sides of the glass, improving the strength, stability, and safety of classroom and office windows.

3. Enhanced Protection Against Security Breaches

In schools throughout the country, keeping students and staff safe from harm is an increasing concern.

Keep learning areas private with a film that won’t obstruct the view from the inside. And ensure teachers and administrators can maintain a clear view of the building’s surroundings.

Darker or mirrored tinting for ground-level windows can help provide school interiors with privacy and security, without obstructing visibility to the outside environment. Window tinting can be used with or in place of blinds, window shades, curtains, or other window treatments.

4. Energy Efficiency for Cost Savings and a Greener Building

Cut down on power generation; let your community know that your school is conserving non-renewable resources as well as precious education dollars. Tinting is a cost-efficient method of cutting energy use, as an architectural film can block up to 86% of the solar heat from coming into a building.

In winter, the insulation provided by the film will help the building retain internal heat through the colder months. A third of a building’s internal warmth, the U.S. Department of Energy informs us, is lost because of unprotected windows.

While tinted windows offer a return on the investment through lower electricity bills, there’s more to this than vital cost savings. Do you, your students, and their families know that every dollar not spent on electricity prevents the release of about 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions?

5. Attractive, Leading-Edge Features

As the Salt Lake City region’s authorized MADICO dealer, our window tinting professionals at Glamour Glaze can offer multiple, leading-edge products for sun control, and for redirecting daylight.

Affordable decorative films can feature school logos, signs, and slogans.

Glamour Glaze will prepare your rooms and windows and install the film.

Your warranty, among the best and most inclusive in the industry, will be backed by MADICO to cover your window tinting for 15 years.

Window Films We Install

We offer several different kinds of window film at Glamour Glaze in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Benefits of Window Film in Schools Infographic

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While pricing on window film for schools will depend on a particular school’s windows, the cost is offset through reduced energy use. But will window tinting fit your Utah school’s budget today? If you’re looking for window film for schools in Utah, speak with a Glamour Glaze Window Tinting technician; our mission will be helping you find a cost-effective solution.

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