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Window Film vs Window Etching

What is Window Etching?

Glass window etching consists of glass that has been sandblasted via machine or hand. Glass etching is permanent, much more expensive than window film, can take months to produce, and requires the use of special cleaners and cloths due to its ability to attract dust, dirt, and fingerprints. For these reasons, glass etching is usually the less desirable option compared to glass film. 

What is Decorative Window Film?

In contrast to glass etching, glass window film features a design that clings directly to the glass. Such designs usually feature things like etched patterns, but there is a wide variety of designs. This variety means that you can completely change the look and “feel” of your glass without permanently changing it, allowing your home or business to reflect exactly who you are!

At Glamour Glaze, we have 25 years of experience and are the regions authorized 3M window film dealer. We offer many affordable decorative window film options to fit your residential or commercial needs.

Advantages of 3M Decorative Window Film Include:

  • Allows you to have the classy look of something like frosted glass without the high cost
  • You can pick films to give your glass any look, such as frosted, sandblasted, etched, or textured
  • Because the film itself acts as a barrier, the glass film can keep out cold Winter air and Summer heat, saving you, even more, money
  • Helps you concentrate by eliminating annoying glare while you are trying to work
  • Removing an existing film is very easy to do without damaging the existing glass. This makes it easy to change the appearance of a home for every season and occasion!
  • In addition to featuring eye-catching and beautiful designs, film allows you to easily decorate corporate windows with logos, slogans, and other relevant material
  • Allows the best of both worlds, with the privacy that homeowners and businesses crave without giving up natural lighting for the area
  • The window tinting effect of film is suitable for literally any space, from keeping the sun out of restaurant customers’ eyes to making lobbies, conference rooms, and individual offices comfortably shaded
  • By using film instead of more traditional barriers, you can open spaces up and make any room feel larger than it actually is
  • The film is resistant to the smudges and smears that come from human fingers; etched glass, meanwhile, must be constantly cleaned, costing you time and money!
  • Helps protect your furniture, curtains, and other home accessories from fading and other damage due to sunlight control

Ultimately, there is no comparison between etched glass and etched glass window film. Etched glass window film provides the classy look of etched glass at a fraction of the price, all while giving you the versatility and options to change the look of your windows at any time!

The Decorative Window Film Experts at Glamour Glaze in Utah

When it comes to making your home or business look elegant and upscale on any budget, Glamour Glaze is the only stop that you need to make! We are industry veterans, having sold 3M window film for over three decades, making us the only Utah window professionals you will ever need. For more ideas, information on our window tinting warranties, or a free quote on how you can begin revolutionizing your home or business at the most affordable price, be sure to contact Glamour Glaze right away! Feel free to give us a call at 801-876-1729 today!

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