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Window Film vs Window Etching

What is Window Etching?

Glass window etching consists of glass that has been sandblasted via machine or hand. Glass etching is permanent, much more expensive than window film, can take months to produce, and requires the use of special cleaners and cloths due to its ability to attract dust, dirt, and fingerprints. For these reasons, glass etching is usually the less desirable option compared to glass film. 

3 Reasons to Choose Sunscape Window Tint

There are plenty of benefits to tinting the windows of your home. Many people are already enjoying more comfortable, energy-efficient homes and saving money. But not all tints are created equal, and 3M has developed a unique tint, utilizing nanotechnology. The Sunscape line of window tints are a clear industry leader, and we’ve got three reasons why you should choose them over the competition.
proudly carries Sunscape Window Tint and has a professional tradition of protecting homes like yours.

3 Money-Saving Benefits to Tinting Your Home Windows

Residential Window Tinting in Utah

After months of inversion, snow and cloudy days, summer is just around the corner. The warmer temperatures and clearer skies are a welcome change for many Utahns, but it’s important to remember that the sun’s UV rays can cause irreparable damage not only our bodies, but many other things they have a prolonged exposure to. For years, window tinting has been thought of as something only used in cars. Along with adding a level of privacy, it also protects the interior from being constantly subjected to the sun, and can minimize the amount of heat trapped inside the vehicle.

Glamour Glaze saw a “window of opportunity” by taking the same concept and applying it to the one place you should feel comfortable, your home. With over 30 years of experience, the benefits to tinting your windows at the home or office are crystal clear.

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