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3 Reasons to Choose Prestige Window Tint

There are plenty of benefits to tinting the windows of your home. Many people are already enjoying more comfortable, energy-efficient homes and saving money. But not all tints are created equal, and 3M has developed a unique tint, utilizing nanotechnology. The Prestige line of window tints are a clear industry leader, and we’ve got three reasons why you should choose them over the competition.

You Want the Best for Your Home

Your home is your refuge. It’s where you go to enjoy comfort and protection. Inefficient windows are a key factor in unnecessary utility costs. In the summer time especially, cool air is lost and hot, warming infrared rays let themselves in through your unprotected windows. This causes the temperature in your house to rise and your air conditioner has to work extra hard to reverse this change.

Window tinting helps prevent this temperature loss by deflecting infrared rays and blocking some of the visible light too. However, Prestige Window Tint is the most efficient tint on the market. This is the very best. Glamour Glaze proudly carries Prestige Window Tint and has a professional tradition of protecting homes like yours.

Prestige Window Tint is Different

There are many, many choices of window tints on the market today, but Prestige Window Tint really is special. While many tints block a considerable amount of natural, visible sunlight — thereby making your home darker than it should be — Prestige uses the latest technology to maximize the natural light coming through your windows. This is accomplished through 3M’s industry-leading, multi-layer design. The non-metallized, optical film uses nanotechnology to create cool and comfortable environments without sacrificing the look of your beautiful windows.

Prestige Window Tint Benefits Your Home Like No Other Tint

Not only does a Prestige Window Tint reflect infrared rays, it also allows the maximum amount of visible sunlight possible, with minimal temperature difference. Additionally, up to 99.9 percent of damaging UV rays are reflected to protect your furnishings and keep their finishes rich and unfaded. Benefits like these are rare in window tints, and 3M takes great pride in their Prestige line. Not only does Prestige Window Tint do an excellent job of protecting your home, it also preserves the aesthetic appeal of your windows, reducing glare so you can enjoy your home’s beautiful views.

To top it all off, Prestige Window Tint is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty, issued by the manufacturer itself, 3M, so you can rest easy.

Are You Ready to Protect Your Home?

By now you’ve seen all the benefits that Prestige Window Tint offers. It should be pretty clear how Prestige can help protect your home and make it more efficient and beautiful.  Glamour Glaze Commercial & Residential Window Tinting has been serving Utah for more than 30 years. We specialize in offering our clients only the finest window film in the market. Our company history includes work with architects, engineers, contractors and interior designers.

To get a quote or set up an appointment, simply visit our website or give us a call at 801-776-8468. All of our technicians are fully trained. In addition to 3M’s guarantee, we also offer our residential clients a limited-lifetime warranty, and our commercial clients a 15-year warranty. Contact us today for a free consultation and find out how we can work for you to truly make your house a home.

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Glamour Glaze provides residential and commercial window tint services, to provide solar protection and privacy by installing the finest window film on the market for over 30 years.
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Glamour Glaze provides residential and commercial window tint services, to provide solar protection and privacy by installing the finest window film on the market for over 30 years.


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