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3 Money-Saving Benefits to Tinting Your Home Windows

Residential Window Tinting in Utah

After months of inversion, snow and cloudy days, summer is just around the corner. The warmer temperatures and clearer skies are a welcome change for many Utahns, but it’s important to remember that the sun’s UV rays can cause irreparable damage not only our bodies, but many other things they have a prolonged exposure to. For years, window tinting has been thought of as something only used in cars. Along with adding a level of privacy, it also protects the interior from being constantly subjected to the sun, and can minimize the amount of heat trapped inside the vehicle.

Glamour Glaze saw a “window of opportunity” by taking the same concept and applying it to the one place you should feel comfortable, your home. With over 30 years of experience, the benefits to tinting your windows at the home or office are crystal clear.

Protecting Your Investment

While ultraviolet rays are only a small portion of the sun’s rays, they are the ones capable of doing the most damage; just ask anyone who has had a sunburn. UV rays are invisible to the human eye and affect things on a molecular level, so in many cases, you aren’t even aware the damage is being done.

A tinted film added to your windows can block up to 99% of UV rays and help to protect the things in your house that you may not think about being exposed to the sun every day, such as carpet, furniture, and curtains. The amount of damage done in one year by an un-tinted window is estimated to take eight years when compared to a tinted one, and with a lifetime warrantee, you can relax knowing you can replace these things at your leisure, rather than out of necessity.

Energy Savings

When the temperatures outside rise, so do the air conditioning costs. Tinted windows can reduce heat by 78% by allowing less solar heat to enter. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the film we use actually helps to retain heat, as well, meaning that in the winter, it costs less to keep the house warm. Maintaining a consistent temperature in your house helps keep your utility bills lower year-round, and lowers wear-and-tear on your furnace and air conditioning units. It’s estimated that tinted windows can reduce the cost to cool your house by 30%.

Feel More Secure

A tinted window can do more than keep out the sun; it can also keep you safe from prying eyes. While adding both a functional and cosmetic appeal to your windows, tinted windows make it more difficult for others to see inside, especially at night. Our films also add an extra layer of protection to the glass itself, making it stronger and harder to break. Along with this extra layer of protection, our window tints reduce glare without reducing light, making the use of interior space nearly limitless. There’s no need to sacrifice your view when you can simply tint the windows to maintain your privacy.

Glamour Glaze

Glamour Glaze is Utah’s favorite 3M window tint dealer, this allows our professionals to provide a full range of products to best suit your needs. Our experience with not only residential window tinting, but also in the fields of commercial and automobile has garnered us numerous awards, including Best of State, 2013. Your home is an investment in your future. Contact the professionals at Glamour Glaze today for a free in-home estimate, and let us take away the bright, but leave the light!

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