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6 Things You Didn’t Know Window Film Could Do

Window film is a laminate that can be installed on the inside of virtually any window—from automobiles to buildings. It is often referred to as “window tint” as well. It can a great way to advertise or simply a fun way to decorate. However, window film can do so, so much more than you might think. The benefits are hard to ignore!

1. You Can Advertise Your Business

Decorative window film is an excellent way to promote your business. You can create a fun film that boasts your logo or becomes part of a larger piece of art on your business windows or your company vehicles. Decorative window film makes a statement and grabs attention in a way that simple paint cannot do, and is also easy to remove and change when you need to! It also does not disrupt your lighting and acts as a curtain or blind without altering the outside look.

2. You Can Express Your Style

Etched glass gives an upscale, contemporary look, but it can be pricey. Instead of dropping money on fancy glass, you can choose any of our decorative window film options to provide the same effect. You can also incorporate your own designs or colors to fit your exact needs. There is no better way to bring your windows into your decorating scheme than by using window tint or window film.

3. Window Film Gives You Privacy

If you live in a neighborhood where the homes are practically on top of each other, you may want a creative way to maintain your privacy without compromising your style. One of the best features of our lines of privacy window film is that you can see out, but no one can see in. Privacy is in high demand for both offices and homeowners during the day and into the evening. Whether you need to cover a bathroom, nursery, or conference room, Glamour Glaze in Utah can help.

4. Window Film Can Help You Cool Rooms

Energy efficiency is a big deal today. Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and keep energy usage low. Window film can assist you with this problem. Many people hide natural light with curtains or blinds to help keep out the heat of the sun’s rays. However, this solution does not allow you enjoy the sun at all. Instead, heat control window film can allow you to see out the windows and also lower the sun’s intensity entering your home or office, keeping the room cool and comfortable.

5. Window Film Protects Your Furniture and Even Your Skin!

In untreated windows, the sunlight pours in onto the floor. It makes that one location extremely warm, and the light often only moves slightly as the day goes on. With Glamour Glaze’s Daylight Redirecting Film, the sunlight is redirected so that it goes onto the ceiling instead of the floor. It increases the amount of light in the room, which, in turn, results in lower lighting costs. Redirecting also decreases the damage that the sun can do to rugs and furniture. Fading can be a serious, costly problem over time. Window film also protects your skin by limiting the amount of harmful UV rays to pass through, and instead adds more healthy natural light to a room which can increase individuals’ Vitamin D production and boost mood and energy—ideal for any home or office.

6. Window Film Can Provide Energy Savings

Window tint can cool the area and help you control the heat usage in your home. It not only reflects heat, but it also blocks harmful UV rays as well. That means that the Utah sun will not have as dramatic an effect in the hot summers with window tint.

In the winter, treated glass can also help keep the heat inside the home instead of escaping out of the glass windows. Over time, window film pays for itself in energy savings!

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