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Benefits of Sun Control Window Film

Being inside when there is so much beautiful sunshine outside is a terrible feeling. It would be great to experience the sunshine, seeing it from inside without having it heat the room and without the harmful UV rays entering in with it. Here at Glamour Glaze, we have found a way to do just that. We offer window glass tinting that usher in beautiful morning sunrise light, while simultaneously blocking damaging rays. Call us and we will provide our service, whether it’s a business or residential building seeking this type of glass tinting.

What is Sun Control Window Film?

Sun Control Window Film is a sheet of tinted film that is applied directly to the window glass. Its main purpose is to ultimately allow a room to be lit up by the natural light created by the sun like any other room with windows that aren’t treated but without all of the problems associated with letting that light in. From the outside, the film is visually appealing, and varying degrees of tint are available for further decorative appearances and to meet particular preferences.

Benefits of Sun Control Window Film

In addition to blocking out the harmful rays associated with the sun, Sun Control Window Film has significant benefits for the room and consumer. Sun Control Window Film is an economically sound, environmentally friendly way to gain access to natural light without shouldering the burden of increasing the carbon footprint. In fact, within half a year from the date of installation, carbon creation will be completely removed or carbon negative.

Because it blocks out nearly all UV rays, furniture can be positioned anywhere in the room, including near the window or even in the direct sunlight, and not become discolored or faded. The film is not metallized, so businesses can have the film installed all over the building without losing mobile connectivity or experiencing any interference with signals. Sun Control Window Film eliminates annoying glares on television screens and other glass surfaces. Additionally, a comprehensive warranty is available through the distributor and Madico Window and Specialty Films.

Affordable Home and Business Window Tinting in Utah

Due to the nature of this window tint, not every professional is given the honor of installing it. Glamour Glaze is a MADICO Authorized Window Film Dealer. As a result, we offer several other services and Madico Film products as well. We are able to install and service business and residential customers who need window-tinting services, including offices, living rooms, and lobbies, to name a few. We carry and install all of Madico’s line, including the most popular brands like Decorative and Daylight Redirecting Window Films. Our office is open Monday through Friday, and we are happy to schedule a free consultation. We can be contacted by phone at (801) 776-8468, or request a free quote here.

The harmful effects the sun’s UV rays can have on furniture and the heat it creates are enough to keep the curtains drawn. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Glamour Glaze provides window film that will provide enough tint to block those rays and heat while still allowing the beautiful light from the sun to be visible. We keep all of our customers’ budgets in mind and deliver quality service that is satisfactory, warranted, and repeated, regardless of whether it is a business or residential building we are providing our window tinting services to.

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