Glamour GlazeFabulous home with Window Tinting - Glamour Glaze Window Tinting Services in Utah is a window tinting company that provides picture-perfect residential and commercial window tinting Salt Lake City services. Tinted glass windows improve your home’s privacy, keep out the sun’s harmful UV rays, and enhances your home’s energy-efficiency. We have over three decades of experience in the window film industry. Being a local company, rest assured that our window tinting project will be handled by us, and not some subcontractors.

Salt Lake City Window Tinting Services

  • Sun Control Window Tinting – Installing window tint on your residence or business premise helps safeguard your upholstery and other property against harmful UV rays. Our window films redirect up to 97% of the infrared rays from the sun.
  • Heat Control Window Tinting – Blinds and curtains are great at providing you with privacy and blocking out excess heat. However, they do this at the expense of the natural light. Glamour Glaze installs window films manufactured by Sun Scape, and MADICO, which allow you to have a cool interior while not compromising your view.
  • Decorative Window Tinting – Decorative or frosted windows can be used in a home or a commercial environment. In the latter, they can be customized using your organization’s logo.
  • Daylight Redirecting – Rather than opaque blinds, we can install a window film that will reflect or refract incoming light. This helps light up your interior more evenly.
  • Privacy Window Tinting – Window privacy films are a great way of hiding your interiors’ view. They are available in a wide range of opacities and colors.

Our SLC Window Film Company Serves Customers Big and Small

Residential Window Tinting

Residential windows are a welcome source of natural light and scenic views. However, they also allow unwanted glare, hotspots, and lead to faded furnishings. Residential window tinting or filming is an effective way of adding to your windows’ aesthetics and improving your curb appeal.

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window film Salt Lake City makes the work environment more desirable and helps you save money on energy costs. Privacy window films for your business premises reduces the possibility of break-in and burglaries as equipment and assets are hidden from view.


Installing window films in the learning environment helps you achieve a greener building and helps you cut down on energy costs. Window tinting reduces glare on electronic screens and computers, thus reducing on the learners’ and teachers’ eye strain. It also protects books, posters, furniture, lab equipment, artwork, and other materials stored within the school’s premises.


At a time when no government is immune to terrorism, our security window films help retain shattered or broken glass intact. This quality has enabled our security window films to be adopted in multiple government buildings.

Benefits of Window Film Installation at Glamour Glaze

We deal in window films specifically chosen for their energy-savings and comfort benefits. We will not only discuss your options but also educate you on the various window tinting options and the pros and cons of each. We are leading window tinting specialists in Salt Lake City Utah with over 30 years of industry experience. We are dedicated to providing you with the best window tinting solutions no matter the location or size of the project. There are several environmental and economic benefits of having your residential or commercial windows tinted. They enhance your building’s energy-efficiency, security, safety, and add to its value. Whether you are looking for window films of frosting, Glamour Glaze has you covered.