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Office buildings have changed over the years. Once constructed for efficiency alone, with little thought as to aesthetics or styling, modern structures have become eye-catching icons in many places. In some cities, directions are given in terms of which building is a “you can’t miss it” landmark. Glass surfaces have replaced brick, and gleaming panes catch and reflect sunlight, drawing attention from passersby.

Offices are often arranged so as to maximize natural lighting as well. Window offices are a perk in most companies, and artificial lighting is not as conducive to a pleasant work environment as sunlight streaming through an entire office wall of glass. However, too much light, too much sun, or too little insulation can sometimes have a counter-effect on employee productivity. One solution is installation of curtains or other means to block the sunlight or conserve energy, but that negates the reason for window offices in the first place.

An ideal solution, and one promoted by businesses such as Glamour Glaze, is installation of window tinting. Tinting window surfaces instead of covering them can improve employee productivity in several ways, including:

  • Glare on computer screens and other reflective surfaces is reduced
  • Security of offices and open materials is assured
  • Privacy of employees is enhanced
  • Comfortable working temperatures are easier to maintain

Improved Employee Efficiency

Employee-Efficiency-InfographicArtificial lighting can have negative effects on employees. All fluorescent lighting does not emit the same wavelengths of light, and some people function differently in what seems like the same environment from one office to another. While natural lighting is intuitively a better choice, sitting facing bright sunlight, or alternatively sitting with bright light streaming over your shoulder onto the computer screen, or reflecting off wall hangings causing a glare can seriously affect productivity. Your workers can experience severe eyestrain by the end of the work day from over-exposure to light.

When it comes to the type of industry, and the type of work performed, there may be times when security becomes a concern. Industrial espionage is no joke, and competition is fierce to be the first to bring a new product to market. Window-facing offices can act as an open conduit for compromise of sensitive, proprietary, or even classified materials. It is not difficult to read computer screens or photograph documents left laying open on desks or tables, through clear windows.

No one enjoys being watched all of the time. Although office doors are often left open, and visitors are encouraged, few people like the idea of working in a fishbowl. Open, clear windows permit viewing from outside all of the time. Whether changing into workout gear, stretching or yawning, adjusting one’s clothing after sitting for extended periods of time, or just in the interests of modesty, privacy is a concern for most employees.

Anyone who has worked in an office with a window covering an entire wall, or two walls if a corner office knows that comfort is often sacrificed for status. Solar heating in the summer can overcome air conditioning and make even the most impressive office feel like an oven. Conversely, heat loss in the winter leaves office dwellers huddled behind a desk with a portable heater going full blast. Both instances impact productivity in addition to adding to the cost of heating and cooling.

Glamour Glaze is a Viable Solution

Operating from its base in Utah, Glamour Glaze provides commercial and residential window tinting to compensate for the situations described above. Their products can effectively block UV rays, preventing overheating in summer, and can add an insulating quality to slow heat loss in winter. Your employees will still be able to enjoy the view an office wall of windows affords, but the tinting effectively blocks visual intrusion from outside, assuring privacy for your employees and the information you need to keep secure. Contact Glamour Glaze here, or call 801-776-8468 to can enhance and improve employee comfort and efficiency by utilizing our commercial office tinting services.

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