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9 Ways Decorative Window Film Can Help Market Your Business

Decorative window film  is a great way to add some flair to your business as well as reinforce your company information and brand. The tinted film is a laminate that can be installed on any type of window in your business no matter the size. You can choose from tints in a variety of colors and designs to help create the right look for you business windows. Check out the ways decorative window tint can help market your business.

9 Benefits of Decorative Film Markets Your Business

1. They are Attractive and add to the Decor

One of the first impressions your company portrays to your clients is through the outside of your business, and as they say, first impressions mean everything. Decorative window tint can add to your decorative theme and help draw the customers into your business.

2. You can use them to Advertise

You can use your decorative tint to reinforce your brand message and as advertising space for your website information, phone numbers, or logo. This will make it not only visible to customers entering, but potential customers passing by.

3. They Create Additional Privacy

The tint can help prevent direct views inside from the street creating privacy and making customers more comfortable.

4. Tint Filters the Sunlight and Reduces the Amount of UV Rays

When properly placed, window tint can contribute to reducing the sun and glare it can cause especially during times of the day when the sun is more directly shining in the building, This can also reduce UV rays that can cause fading or damage to equipment.

5. Eliminate the Need for Blinds or Curtains

With decorative window film, there is no reason to invest in blinds or curtains that can be costly and require regular dusting and cleaning.

6. Window Film can be Used to add Seasonal Decoration

Since the film is removable, you can show your holiday spirit each and every season. Put up a Christmas scene for the winter holidays or show your patriotism on the Fourth of July.

7. Safe to use on Rental Properties

While it is important to always check your lease before adding anything to your building, the non-permanent nature of decorative window tint makes it safe to use for rental properties as it can be cleanly removed when a tenant leaves.

8. Save Money on Energy Bills

It is estimated that 40% of energy costs occur due to windows. Window tint helps reduce the amount of sun as well as provides a seal for the window. With decorative film tint, your energy costs can be reduced by up to 80%.

9. They can Provide Additional Safety

Window tint can help prevent would be thieves of seeing items that may be valuable enough to steal.

Let Glamour Glaze Help Market Your Business with 3M Decorative Window Film in Utah

If you want to reduce your business energy costs while promoting your brand and adding some style, contact our authorized 3M window film dealers at Glamour Glaze today to find out more about how window film can help your Utah business or take advantage of our free quotes. At Glamour Glaze we pride ourselves on using quality materials and products and providing quality craftsmanship to create the best commercial window tinting for your business. With our commercial warranties and professional installation, you can be sure that you will end up with a design to fit all of your business tinting needs that will last for years to come. Give us a call today at 801-776-8468.

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