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How Commercial Window Tinting Saves your Business Money

How can you make your commercial space more cost-effective without sacrificing comfort and quality? That is a question that plagues many business owners in Utah. One simple measure managers can take is installing commercial window tinting, which saves money along with enhancing privacy and protecting the interior.

You and your employees spend dozens of hours inside your commercial workspace while on the job. It is important to make that environment inviting and comfortable, which is one benefit of commercial building window tinting. Another benefit is that window film helps filter out the harsh Utah sun and reduce glare. More importantly, however, you can save your business money with commercial window film.

How is Commercial Window Tinting a Smart Investment for your Business?

There are several financial reasons to invest in commercial window tinting services for long-term savings. First, putting in commercial window film will help you save money on your energy bill by blocking about 97 percent of infrared sunlight that seeps into the workspace and decreasing the amount of energy required to cool it back down. Especially during summer, it does not take long for the working environment to warm up, what with constant human activity and the running of machines that generate heat. While these factors are inevitable and can’t be mitigated, you can control the heat that comes in from the outside, cut down your reliance on air conditioning, and save your business money by installing commercial window tint.

Increasing Productivity and Energy Efficiency

The benefits of window tinting and how much energy window tinting can save do not end with reduced power bills. Keeping your working environment cooler helps employees stay more focused and alert, which increases productivity. Excessive power usage to accomplish that task is detrimental not only to your budget but also the environment. With commercial window tinting in Utah, you save money on your energy bill while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

So, how much money can window tint save business owners? In general, experts estimate businesses can save about 5 to 10 percent of their total energy bill year-round, which translates into substantial savings that more than compensate for the cost of window film.

Protecting your Building and Everything Within

While having lots of glass windows allows in natural light and views of the outside world, helping your workspace feel more spacious and inviting, providing such an open look into your workspace through glass can prompt break-ins that put valuable products and equipment at risk. That’s where professional window tinting in Utah can help. Window tint film can deter this activity, which is one more way in which commercial window tinting can save your business money indirectly. Additionally, window film saves money by creating a sort of shield against UVA and UVB rays, which can slowly fade and deteriorate furniture, drapes, and carpet and damage electronics and merchandise. Protect your investment from direct sunlight with a commercial window tint.

Where can I Find Commercial Window Tinting Near Me?

If you are in need of a commercial window tinting service in Salt Lake City, Utah, you are in luck. Glamour Glaze offers the best window tinting in Utah, serving an array of public and commercial buildings, including schools, hospitals, churches, and office spaces. We install window films produced by MADICO and Sun Scape and work with architects, engineers, contractors, and interior designers to provide you with expert advice and recommendations to solve your heat, glare, and fading concerns. To find out how commercial window tinting can save your business money or to discuss your project, contact Glamour Glaze online or by calling 801-776-8468.

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