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5 Ways You Never Thought to Use Window Film in Your Home

Window film is quickly becoming a popular, creative alternative to frosted windows, blinds, curtains, and netting in today’s homes. The reasons? Decorative options are abundant, residential window film can frequently be easily removed and replaced, it can save energy and can be custom cut for almost any glass or window surface.

Uses for residential window film are almost as unlimited as the imagination allows. Here are five ways you may never have thought to use window film in your home.

1. Shower and Bathroom Privacy

Not only can window film add privacy to shower doors, it can also add a decorative flair. Choose from a simple, straight-forward frosted pattern or more exotic aquatic themes. Match colors with accent items or paint trim colors. Window film is the perfect solution for using vintage doors with glass panes for bathrooms to enhance privacy while creating a classic appearance.

2. Using Windows to Accent Interior Design

For far too long windows have only served as a visual connection both into and outside of homes. Window tinting adds a new dimension to interior decorating, helping to carry a room’s theme onto window surfaces. Not only can decorative window tinting help you express yourself, it can serve as a hassle-free replacement for blinds, curtains or shades.

3. Enhance Privacy while Creating a Colorful Addition to a Child’s Room

In a child’s room, window tinting can serve double duty. Colorful and whimsical patterns are available to add both privacy and a pop or color. Patterns are available that can not only carry out a youthful theme but can be replaced as the child grows and interests change. Privacy is also an attribute that makes window tinting popular for anyone’s bedroom, child or adult.

4. Front Door Flair

Residential window tint is growing in popularity as a way to increase the smile of homes via the front door. Use window tinting to add privacy on side window panels to doors or to add interest to an otherwise plain storm door window. Is your family involved a particular hobby or activity? Front door window tinting can help you share that interest with visitors.

5. Glass Kitchen Cabinetry

If you have plain glass doors on your kitchen cabinets, add interest with a wide selection of options of window tint. Front the entire panel, add a decorative theme or even use a different design for each pane. Choose color tinting and designs to match your kitchen décor. This is a terrific way to give a kitchen that expensive custom look.

Get More From Your Decor

Residential window film is not only practical in providing privacy and saving energy but is an exciting way to make your home more decorative and appealing. You may be pleasantly surprised at the options available. We invite you to visit to explore your creative and practical choices.

This is NOT automotive window tinting. We provide our residential customers with a limited lifetime warranty. Commercial customers receive a 15-year warranty. These are some of the most comprehensive warranties available in the industry. Make your inspirations a reality by connecting with

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