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Beat the Summer Heat with Window Tint for Your Home

Imagine sitting in your living room on a Saturday afternoon. You just want to relax and watch a movie, or maybe read a chapter or two of a book, but the sun coming in the window is too bright. What do you do? You could draw the blinds, but you don’t want to hide from the world. You just don’t want it to blind you. And wearing sunglasses in the house is just silly. Or is it?

You might not want to literally walk around your house in sunglasses, but there is an alternative that is even better, window tint film. It allows you to enjoy life inside your house, without completely blocking the outside; window tilt film from Glamour Glaze in four Utah locations.

How Window Tint Film is an Asset to Your Home

Window tint film protects your home from the glare of the sun better than standard blinds. Window tint can help protect your eyes by preventing excess glare from coming in your window, while still allowing you to look out at the world, but it can do a lot more too.

Depending on the tint you select for your home, window film can reduce the light coming into your home as well as the heat. This can lead to lower costs on air conditioning and other cooling methods, such as fans. The reduction of energy use has an impact on the environment as well and helps to conserve natural resources. Window film leads to both reduced costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Adds Strength to Windows

Weather Protection

Most windows are made of glass, and glass in breakable, having that extra layer of film over the glass adds a bit of extra protection that helps keep you and your family protected during stormy weather.

Crime Prevention

Because window tints make your window thicker, it is also more difficult for potential criminals to invade your personal space or break into your home,

Reduces Fading and Sun Damage

Having a lot of sunshine come in your home can cause fading in several different wood and fabrics, and can even cause some damage to the skin of family members inside.

Helps You Truly Enjoy Your Living Space

Reducing Glare

Protection from harmful UV rays is important, whether you are protecting your skin, eyes, or furniture. It also makes common activities like reading or watching TV easier. You can relax and enjoy your life in your Utah home, as you see fit.

Temperature Control

Too much sunshine can edge up the temperature in your home, but window film can reduce that extra heat and make it more comfortable.

Also Great For Your Business

If you run a business in Utah, window film can be a great investment there too. Clients and customers become more comfortable, and you benefit from energy savings as well. Choose from hundreds of decorative designs, patterns, and colors of decorative film for any glass surface at your business, or get your company logo “etched” in glass to promote your business and enhance the curb appeal of your establishment.

What Else Should I Expect From Window Tint Installation?

If you decide to add window tint film to your home or business, there are still some specific decisions on the type of film to install. These decisions are best made with the guidance of a profession, such as our installers at Glamour Glaze. Although window tinting isn’t considered permanent, it should last for several years and comes with a 15-year warranty on commercial buildings, and a limited lifetime warranty for residential properties.

Glamour Glaze is located in four major Utah communities in order to best serve you, including Salt Lake City, Centerville, Ogden, and American Fork. To learn more, contact us at 801-776-8468.

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