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Helping Families with XP

Most people worry about indoor sunlight because of things like faded furniture. But for people with Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), the sun’s rays can literally be life-threatening. The dangers posed by sunlight, even indoors, are so grave for people with XP and other serious skin disorders that ordinary curtains and blinds simply can’t offer enough protection.

Glamour Glaze provides that protection with our many home tinting options. Our range of 3M Sun Control window films lets light in, but keeps UV rays out. For those with XP and other skin conditions, Glamour Glaze window tints open up a whole world of socializing at home without embarrassment, and simply being able to function normally during daylight hours without worrying the health consequences.

What Is Xeroderma Pigmentosum?

About 1 in 1 million people suffer from XP in the U.S. alone. This genetic condition makes those who have it extremely sensitive to the sun’s rays, specifically ultraviolet (UV) rays. While skin and eyes are most at risk from sun exposure in those with XP, the the danger can extend to such nervous system damage as hearing, balance and moving problems, as well as a compromised ability to swallow and speak.

Most typically, people with XP develop extreme sunburns when exposed to the UV rays — and it doesn’t have to be outdoors. Those who don’t burn may experience rashes, and develop uneven pigmentation on the parts of their bodies regularly exposed to unfiltered sunlight. They also experience irritated and bloodshot eyes, as well as damage to eyelashes and eyelids.

The most alarming aspect to XP, however, is the dramatically increased risk of skin and eye cancer from UV exposure. Studies show that 50 percent of children who aren’t vigorously protected from the sun develop skin cancer by their 10th birthday. The majority of people with XP develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetimes, and are also more likely to develop other cancers, especially eye cancer, but also lung cancer and brain tumors.

How Home Window Tinting Can Help

The Xeroderma Pigmentosum Society stresses that minimizing UV rays is the crucial element in protecting the health of children and adults with XP. The organization recommends such measures as protective clothing and sunscreen even when indoors, non-UV light bulbs — and perhaps most importantly, tinting window to remove as much risk of sun exposure as possible.

Home window tinting protects people with XP and skin disorders from damaging UV rays, without darkening rooms or even making windows look cloudy. In fact, the importance of window tinting is so well understood to be a health-saving and even life-saving measure in XP care that the cost of car and home window tint protection is usually tax deductible.

For additional members of the household, benefits to the kind of home window tinting we provide include:

  • Reducing intense heat in the summer
  • Eliminating sunlight glare from tablets, laptop and television screens
  • Protecting furniture, paintings, rugs and other furnishings from fading and uneven coloration.
  • Enabling squint-free reading at the breakfast table and other sunny areas.

Getting Started With Glamour Glaze

Home window tinting is one of the most important steps toward protecting people with XP and other sun sensitivity issues. Glamour Glaze recognizes the importance of getting this protection right, in order to ensure the health and well-being of you and your family members.

We understand that living with XP, or helping children with XP, can be overwhelming. Our specialists are here to explain window tinting options in the manner you feel most comfortable. Call us at 801-776-8468, or email us with questions at You’ll also find a convenient online form to get a quote here.

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