Frosted and Dusted Decorative Glass Window Film in UtahAt Glamour Glaze in Utah, our team of professional MADICO authorized window film installers are providing area homeowners and businesses the highest quality frosted and dusted window film options at an affordable cost.

Using only top-quality materials, Glamour Glaze has responded to the market call for Dusted and Frosted Crystal window films that provide stylish accents and privacy options. These products are considered tremendous values because they offer long-term design solutions at a far lower cost than complete window replacements. They also give you the ability to make changes when needed as your home or business aesthetic calls for visual renewal.

Our Glamour Glaze team’s use of superior MADICO window film means that our clients are getting excellent durability and value. Frosted and Dusted windows are a cost-effective way to revitalize any space with distinction.

Dusted Window Film Enjoys Etched Glass Appearance

Although dusted window film installations are generally a long-term design solution, they are surprisingly interchangeable. Considered affordable and versatile, these tremendously stylish interior or exterior design window options provide unique enhancements to otherwise standard living and office space.

Having a professional window film installation in your home or office allows you to explore a creative vision. Windows that provide natural light and exterior visibility can be limited by strategically targeted swaths over large panes. Many bistros, eateries offices use this technique so that customers and clients feel the warm sunlight while enjoying a degree of privacy as well.

A dusted window film can also allow you to consider creative clear spaces throughout the dusted area or go full top to bottom application. Imagine looking at a standard see-through glass area that can be transformed into a stylishly semi-private or fully dusted design. These are some of the advantages of utilizing professionally installed dusted window film:

  • Provides a classic etched glass appearance
  • Provides creative opportunities throughout a living or office space
  • Provides long-lasting creative solutions
  • Recreates home or office ambiance without the total glass replacement expense
  • Dusted window film can increase property values
  • Defines the aesthetic of your living or office space

Our Glamour Glaze window film professionals are ready to help walk you through any dusted window film questions you may have.

Frosted Crystal Window Film Enjoys Creative Options and Sand Blasted Appearance

The versatility of frosted window films cannot be understated. They can adhere to acrylic, polycarbonate, as well as glass and the application can go far beyond just privacy. The application allows natural light to filter through and warm a rooms’ ambiance. They can also be strategically employed to create professional designs in commercial spaces or creative looks in a private residence.

Office spaces often use frosted crystal film in two ways. It can act as the backdrop of a logo or lettering on both sides of a clear surface, thus adding depth. Some spaces frost glass to provide a percentage of privacy and these films can be used creatively. These same office ideas also apply to homes, condos and apartments. Some of the advantages of frosted crystal film installations include:

  • Provides sand-blasted glass appearance
  • Works with glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate
  • Works as a long-term or short-term solution
  • Enjoys possible double-sided applications
  • Considered an inexpensive option

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