Row of Beautiful Homes - Ogden Window Tinting Company - Glamour Glaze Window TintingGlamour Glaze, an Ogden window tinting company, provides beautiful window tinting services to homes and businesses in Utah. Improve energy efficiency, reduce a home’s carbon footprint, increase privacy, and prevent UV damage to your furniture with window tinting services in Ogden.
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Ogden Window Tinting Services

When you hire an Ogden window tinting company, you must decide which window tinting services are right for you. Below are some of your choices:

  • Heat Control Window tinting: Our heat control window tinting services reduce the heat in your home while your windows are exposed to the world. Heat control window tinting allows you to leave your curtains wide open on hot days, without causing negative effects indoors.
  • Sun Control Window Tinting: This business or home window tinting service protects your furniture and flooring from the UV rays emitted by the sun.
  • Decorative Window Tinting: Frosted windows provide privacy in the home or business. Design yours to show off your logo.
  • Privacy Window Tinting: Privacy window tinting is an especially smart option if you live in high traffic area and are concerned about privacy.
  • Daylight Redirecting: These windows can reflect light or refract it. We recommend this glass if you’re concerned with achieving even lighting inside the business or home.

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting Services in Ogden, Utah

We provide the best window tint to customers of all types in Ogden, Utah. Here’s what you can expect:

Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting services can improve your home’s value while also improving your comfort while you spend time indoors. Window tinting services can even improve your home’s curb appeal.

Commercial Window Tinting

We’ll help you decide what’s the best window tint for your business. Window tinting can increase security while also preventing damage to your possessions from UVA and UVB rays.

Window Tinting for Hospitals

Window tinting can help keep patients comfortable, reduce glare from sun inside, and increase the energy efficiency of the building. You’ll love the way our window tinting services keep your building functioning.

Window Tinting for Schools

Your students need comfortable accommodations for testing and learning. Window tinting services for schools in Ogden reduce glare on computers while also protecting the equipment and books found inside the walls of your building.

Window Tinting for Churches

Churches are places of sanctuary, so it’s important that your window coating protects everything inside the walls. Window coatings prevent discomfort from heat while also preventing the furnishings from fading. Window tinting also reduces glare indoors.

Glamour Glaze Award-Winning Window Film Installation in Ogden

Did you know that sunlight causes about 40 percent of all fabric fading? And it can reduce your home’s energy efficiency, which can cause the early deterioration of your HVAC system? Glamour Glaze provides the best window tint services in the Ogden area. As your window film specialists for over 30 years, our window film services are second to none. To find out more about window tinting cost in the Ogden, Utah area, contact us today. We’ll send a contractor to your home for a consultation and to create a bid.