Home with Tinted Windows - Glamour Glaze Window Tinting Utah - West Jordan Window Tinting CompanyWant to know how to beat the heat and enhance privacy within your home? Glamour Glaze is your West Jordan, Utah window tinting company. Window tinting blocks harmful UV/IR and slashes your air conditioning electric bill as it keeps you more comfortable both physically and mentally in your home. Family-owned and operated Glamour Glaze is your authorized Madico Films dealer. That’s some of the best window tint available for both business and residential. Homeowners who work with us get a lifetime warranty.

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West Jordan, Utah Window Tinting Services

When it comes to home window tinting, know that you have options. What are your goals? Glamour Glaze can help you achieve them through many available products.

Daylight Redirecting Film in West Jordan

Redirecting films redirect light to make more effective use of this natural resource. Research by the US Dept. of Energy found that redirecting film can increase illuminance by 25% and cut lighting costs by 13%. Another Sacramento, CA study found that daylight redirecting films help light move deeper into a building, greatly reducing the need for artificial lights.

West Jordan Sun Control Window Tinting

Under the blistering Utah sun, finding a place in the shade is golden. And curtains and blinds can do little to keep the sun from bleaching out paint and furniture unless to keep them closed all the time. Whether that direct sun comes into your kitchen, living room or business lobby, West Jordan, UT window tinting services from Glamour Glaze can help.

Sun control tinting can redirect the sun’s harmful UV rays away from your home. On top of that, the best window tint eliminates 97% of infrared rays. Small periods of exposure to IR may have health benefits. But prolonged exposures to IR is known to cause cataracts, corneal ulcers, and burns to the retina.

Decorative Window Tinting in West Jordan

Do you need a logo for your window or other decorative tinting? Glamour Glaze offers both home and commercial decorative window tinting services.

West Jordan Heat Control Window Tinting Service

Blinds and curtains block all light, forcing you to use more artificial light to keep from baking your home and freezing up the A/C. But the best window tint still lets in natural light while keeping your home cooler at the same time. The air conditioner is the most expensive-to-run appliance in most homes and businesses. When you consider the cost-savings, what does window tinting cost really?

Privacy Window Tinting Installation in Utah

Windows open our homes up to the big beautiful world without letting bugs in. But they also permit unwanted viewing of the people and property inside. Privacy window tinting solves that problem.

West Jordan Window Tinting Services for Customers Big and Small

  • Residential – Enjoy the comfort and cost-savings at home
  • Commercial -This West Jordan, UT window tinting company helps businesses do a window tinting cost-benefit-analysis to determine if tinting is right for them.
  • Schools – Enhance the learning environment and cut building maintenance costs at the same time.
  • Government – Use taxpayer’s dollars wisely and show voters that you take reducing energy and protecting the environment seriously by installing energy-efficient tinting.

Beat the Heat and Enjoy Natural Light with Commercial and Residential Window Tinting Services in Utah

How much energy are you wasting on air conditioning and artificial light when you could be enjoying a much more agreeable home or business environment with window tinting. Window tinting is cost-effective and energy-efficient. It reduces damage to walls, furniture and your health caused by excessive sun exposure.

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