Beautiful Home - Window Tinting Installation Millcreek, Utah

Your home is likely to be one of the largest investments you ever make, which is why you should take measures to protect that investment and care for your house—from the inside, out.

While you may be aware of the value windows add to your home in Millcreek, Utah, it’s equally important to understand how direct sunlight that pours in through your windows can cause your carpets, furniture, curtains, and other upholstery to fade.

If You Need Window Tinting For Your Home or Business in Millcreek, Utah, Glamour Glaze Has You Covered

Residential and Commercial Window Film Installation Millcreek

Glamour Glaze is your one-stop-shop for all window tinting Millcreek residents could need. We offer a wide range of heat-control, decorative, sun control, daylight-redirecting, and privacy window filmsthat are perfect for homes, Condominiums and Town Houses, schools, and offices in Millcreek, Utah. Installing window tint on your home or business building can guard your interior possessions and upholstery from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Our premium window films can also help regulate the interior temperature of your home or office, keeping the warmth trapped inside on a cold day and blocking too much heat from coming in on a warm day. This reduces the strain on your HVAC system, which leads to energy savings and lower utility costs.

What Types of Window Film Can Glamour Glaze Install?

There is a window tinting film for every preference and purpose in Millcreek, Utah:

Sun Control Window Film

Glamour Glaze supplies Madico’s sun control window films, which incorporate the newest technology in clear films. Sun control window films let in as much as 70% of visible light while rejecting up to 60% of the associated heat to make the interior of your home or office more comfortable. The moderate tinting of the Ceramic Series provides additional glare reduction while rejecting 99% of UV rays.

Daylight Redirecting Window Film

We supply Madico’s daylight redirecting film, which causes sunlight to disperse across your ceiling, rather than pooling directly onto your flooring or furniture placed in front of the window. This eliminates hot spots and maximizes the use of available natural light. Daylight redirecting film can be integrated into new or existing windows in Millcreek without additional hardware or maintenance requirements.

Decorative Window Film

At Glamour Glaze, we offer decorative window films in a wide selection of patterns and colors to spruce up your home or business. You can even choose to have your company name or logo etched into the design of your window film. Decorative window film is suitable for any spot where you currently have plain glass, including shower doors, sliding glass doors, conference rooms, partitions, glass cabinets, and verandas.

Privacy Window Films

Privacy window films are a simple and convenient way to increase the privacy of your home or commercial building while still allowing a clear line of vision to your surrounding environment. Window tinting permits light to penetrate but blocks prying eyes. They also increase nighttime security, as no one can see inside.

Top-Rated Window Tinting Services in Millcreek, Utah

Whether you need window film for heat control, window film for sun glare, or window film to increase privacy, Glamour Glaze has got you covered. As an industry leader, we supply and install high-quality residential and commercial window tinting to customers in Millcreek, Utah, and beyond. Call us at 801-776-8468 to get a free quote or schedule a consultation for window tinting services for your Millcreek home or office.