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5 Home Improvements Worth Investing In

If you are considering home improvements for long-term value or want to put your home on the market, there are a few things to keep in mind. There are many home improvements worth investing in and some projects that just don’t pay off. You may think that a renovated kitchen or bath offers the best return on investment, but it’s actually money-saving, energy-efficient features that buyers are willing to pay top dollar for.

In 2017 Remodeling Magazine conducted a cost-versus-value analysis to determine the home improvement project that offers the best return. Surprisingly buyers chose added insulation that brought sellers an estimated return of 108%. Any home improvement investment that reduces energy consumption to lower the cost of living in your home will bring the biggest bang for your buck.

5 Home Improvement Projects Worth Investing In

There are many invisible improvements like basic home maintenance that just won’t bring a worthwhile return on your investment. But improving curb appeal with an updated landscaping and energy-saving window improvements or modernizing the interior with an updated kitchen or bathroom will likely return more at resale.

If your home renovations are to improve your lifestyle, then choose colors and materials that you love. If you are remodeling for resale, be sure to stick with neutral colors and materials to appeal to a wider range of buyers. Here are the top 5 home improvement project worth investing in:

Home Maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance like repairing or replacing the furnace, AC or leaky plumbing won’t add value to your home because buyers are not willing to pay more for the basics. But, necessary maintenance will keep you and your family comfortable if you don’t plan on selling and will ensure the value of your home does not decrease.

Energy-Efficient Window Film

One of the most cost-effective home improvement investments is affordable energy-efficient window film. Along with increased security and protection from harmful UVA exposure, professionally-installed window film provides energy savings throughout the year by blocking solar heat absorption and retaining heat in the cold winter months. Your local professional window film installer can help you choose the best window film solution to fit your needs and add value to your home. Here are your customizable window film options:

  • Sun Control Window Film allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight while blocking ultraviolet radiation.
  • Heat Control Window Film is a green-solution to conserve non-renewable energy by blocking up to 86% of solar absorption in warmer months and increase insulation for heat retention in cooler weather.
  • Daylight Redirecting Film will allow you to let the sunshine in without worrying about sun damage and fading of your carpets, furniture, books, and artwork.
  • Privacy Window Film applied to indoor windows will give you added privacy for areas like restrooms or to effectively separate a larger room with stylish partitioning.

Window film is a revolutionary and affordable home improvement investment that utilizes sun reflective technology to reinforce a window’s security and stability and provide additional insulation to optimize your home’s energy efficiency.

Minor Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Two prime areas for renovations are the kitchen and bathrooms. There are many inexpensive projects you can invest in to achieve dramatic improvement. You won’t see a return on your investment for full-on kitchen renovations or adding another bathroom, but a minor remodel can fetch an incredible return. Updating finishes like refacing cabinet doors, and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Simply replacing the outdated tub, toilet and vanity can streamline the look and feel of an outdated bathroom. Stick to natural wood or stone floors and stone countertops to appeal to more buyers. 

New Front Door and Garage Door

Sellers can expect a great return from replacing the front door and garage door by instantly make your home more attractive to potential buyers. A new, energy-efficient front door is an invaluable addition to any home update or remodel. If replacing the front door is not it the budget, a new finish and updated hardware are a good alternative to improve your home’s curb appeal. Upgrading a garage door will reduce energy consumption and improve your home’s security all while improving curb appeal.


Incorporate or replace landscaping basics to add immediate value to your home. Invest in inexpensive and simplistic design elements like a few large stone planters, flowering shrubs or a flagstone walkway to instantly appeal to potential buyers. Replace mulch, plant new flowers in the beds and remove dead vegetation or trees for an instant curb appeal facelift. Lastly, perform simple lawn maintenance like seasonal fertilizer and aeration to greatly improve the health and appearance of your lawn for one of the most cost-effective and powerful improvements you can do for your landscaping.

Add Value and Energy-Efficiency with Professional Window Film in Utah

Glamour Glaze is proud to offer Utah residents and business owners affordable window film to add instant value and long-term energy savings to any property, backed by one of the industry’s most inclusive 15 year warranty. Click here or give us a call at 801-876-1696 to learn just how easy it is to improve the appearance, energy-efficiency, and safety of your home or workplace with cost-effective window film.

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