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Glamour Glaze Becomes an Authorized Madico Window Film Dealer in Utah

Glamour Glaze is proud to announce that we are now fully authorized Madico window film dealers in Salt Lake and the larger Utah region. Glamour Glaze has been providing both commercial and residential window tinting services to Utah residents for over 30 years. Our unique products are specially designed to meet our customer needs.

Our Sunscape films help in alleviating the solar-damaging effects by distracting more than 90% of the harmful UV light rays and at least 80% of the solar energy. The films provide your home, office, and store with a unique look while offering energy efficiency comfort in winters and summers. We are so excited to bring you the Sunscape Madico window films in Utah.

Why Madico Window Films

Madico has a long history of success that is always grounded in staying true to its beliefs that guide the diverse talents of its people. For many years, it has ever come up with remarkable solutions that always start with the customer needs. If you’re looking for ways of transforming your home or office uniquely, try Madico window films.

Increase Privacy

Everyone desires privacy since it’s essential to our health and overall well-being. The Madico window film provides a full line of highly reflective and opaque films to match your desired amount of solitude and visibility. Madico privacy window film can be added to windows to make specific areas of your home or office more private without sacrificing the light. A special tint is added which provides you with a clear view of the outside but prevents people from seeing what is happening inside. The window film is perfect for bathrooms, glass door panels, kitchen cabinet doors, and doors that face the street.

Reduce Fading

The three main sources of fading in your home or office are; heat and visible light, UV light, and other miscellaneous sources. The sun is the primary source of the ultraviolet light that contributes more than 40% of fading. The Madico window film will help you repel at least 99% of the rays and damaging sunlight energy. With these window films, you can achieve up to 90% fade reduction. Keep in mind that the UV light is also harmful to your health since it can cause both cancer and premature skin aging

Save Energy

If you’re constantly arguing with your power provider over utility bills, then it’s time you installed Madico windows film. These films can reflect up to 90% of solar heat which makes it cheaper to keep your home or office cool in summer. It also has an insulating effect of up to 25% to keep the heat in during cold winters. These two aspects will help pay less for your energy bill.

Enhance Your Security

Broken or tempered glasses are dangerous to children, pets, and the other family members or workers. Madico window films make your glass more shatter-resistant by reducing the stress points and allowing the much-needed flexibility. Even when the glass breaks, the window film can firmly hold the shards together hence minimizing the risk of injury. The film also enhances security by protecting you and your family members from flying debris, forced entries, high, winds, vandalism, and blast fragmentation.

Glamour Glaze Authorized Madico Window Film Installers in Salt Lake City, Utah

Have you not yet installed Sunscape Madico window film in your home or office? Contact our window film experts at Glamour Glaze in Salt Lake City, Utah for a free quote and efficient service. We have been installing a large variety of window film options to residential and commercial buildings for over 30 years! Give us a call at 801-776-8468 today!

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