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Let the Sun Shine in: Will Window Tint Kill Your Houseplants?

If you’re a money-conscious home or building owner, window tinting can be an effective means of improving the energy efficiency of a home and protecting its contents from damage and fade caused by the sun. However, because the purpose of window film is to prevent the rays of the sun from getting into your house, homeowners with green thumbs have to wonder: “Will this kill my houseplants?”

Whether your indoor garden is large or small, the risk of killing your plants may be a dealbreaker in deciding whether or not to have a residential window film installation done. Find out now what effect window film has on indoor plants before having window film installed in your Utah home.

The Effects of Window Tinting on Indoor Plant Growth

In order to grow healthily, indoor plants need exposure to blue, red, and far red light. These presence enables indoor plants to grow and bud, and their absence just as easily causes plants to die. However, most window tinting and film does not block light in these color ranges, as window tinting primarily works by reducing the amount of UV light that can be transmitted through a building’s windows. While some window tints can reduce red- and blue-transmitted light, the majority of residential and commercial window tinting materials do not affect the spectrum of light plants need to grow.

Types of Window Films and How They Transmit Light

If you’re concerned about installing residential window tinting that hampers the transmission of red and blue light to your plants, it’s important to understand how different types of window film and tinting work. Here are the three most prominent types of window tinting used on windows:

  • Invisible UV Film
  • Room-Darkening Tint
  • Frosting Tints

Each of these types of window film has a different effect on indoor plants.

Invisible UV Film

Invisible UV film is a clear UV-reducing window film that minimizes the transmission of UV rays through window glass. Though it reduces UV rays, it has little effect on red and blue light and doesn’t darken the interior space. This is a popular option in buildings of all types and should have minimal effect on indoor plants.

Room-Darkening Tints

Room-darkening tints, however, act as sunglasses for a building. They reduce UV light, red light, blue light, and they can cause interior plants that require direct sunlight to wilt and wither. Though it may still be an option for delicate indoor plants that require full shade, the installation of this type of tint should be performed with an understanding of all plant needs beforehand.

Frosted Tints

Like invisible UV film, frosting tints should have little effect on indoor plant growth. However, as frosting tints diffuse light, there may be an adaptation period for your indoor plants as they adjust to the change in lighting.

Consult With a Glamour Glaze Window Tinting Professional in SLC, Utah

The verdict is in: If you’re interested in installing residential or commercial window film, you and your indoor plants have nothing to fear. Contact Glamor Glaze today, and one of our authorized tinting experts will give you a free consultation to ensure you get the best offer for a quality window film installation you can trust—for you, and for your plants. We have several types of window film with different percentages of tint. Give us a call at 801-776-8468 today to learn more!

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