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Skin Cancer Protection with Window Film

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Outdoor sun protection with an arsenal of broad-spectrum sunscreen, UV protective sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed sun hat is essential to protect you and your family from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UVR). While we understand that safety precautions are important for outdoor sun exposure, what about indoor protection? You may not realize it, but the sunshine streaming through your home’s windows can be just as damaging as direct outdoor exposure.

Ultraviolet radiation is sneaky, it can bounce off surfaces and penetrate glass to find you. Unprotected UVR exposure indoors will contribute to daily exposure accumulation, leaving you and your family vulnerable to skin damage, photoaging, eye damage, and skin cancer. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends UV-blocking window film for solar reflection as a cost-effective solution to protect your family and your home from indoor ultraviolet exposure.

Skin cancer protection with window film is an ideal solution that offers substantial protection by blocking up to 99.9% of damaging UVA radiation. The knowledgeable professionals at Glamour Glaze Commercial & Residential Window Tinting in Utah will help you select and install the most cost-effective solutions to make your home safe from harmful UV exposure.

Window Film for Protection and Energy Savings

As an affordable alternative to costly window replacement, beneficial window film will vastly improve your home with sun protection, added insulation, security and curb appeal. Choosing window film for your home or office provides sun-reflective technology, reduces energy consumption, offers added security and improves any home’s overall appearance.

Below is a quick guide to show you the many benefits of skin cancer foundation approved window film and how you can easily protect your family and greatly improve your home’s efficiency with one revolutionary solution:

  • Skin Cancer Protection
    It is important to know that even brief daily UV exposure accelerates the aging of our skin and multiplies our risk of skin damage and developing skin cancer. Sun Control Window Films allow you to still enjoy all the benefits of natural sunlight while blocking ultraviolet radiation.
  • Cost Savings with Energy Efficiency
    Energy efficient window film can block up to 86% of solar absorption in the summertime and increase insulation to retain indoor heat during the cold weather seasons. Heat Control Window Films are an ideal green-solution to comply with the US mandate to conserve non-renewable energy.
  • Prevent Sun Damage and Fading
    Like drape or blinds, window film also provides protection from sun damage and fading for your carpets, books, artwork and home furnishings. But instead of keeping the windows closed off, Daylight Redirecting Film gives you the freedom to let the sunshine in and turn off the lights.
  • Enhanced Security
    Reinforce your home’s security and keep your family safe with window film to improve the strength and stability of any window. The additional insulation provided by window film prevents shattering in the event of burglary and severe weather.
  • Add Stylish Privacy
    With a vast array of tinting options, quality window film can also replace the need for blinds, curtains or drapes for privacy. Customizable Privacy Window Films can also be added to indoor windows for added privacy in the bathroom or to separate a larger room with partitioning.

Affordable Window Film in Utah to Protect Your Home and Family

Backed by one of the industry’s best and most inclusive 15-year warranty, Glamour Glaze is proud to provide affordable indoor skin cancer protection for families and business owners in the Beehive State. We provide service to Salt Lake City, Centerville, Ogden, and American Fork and everywhere in between. Click here or give us a call at 801-876-1696 to learn how you can provide the most effective protection for your family and improve the appearance, atmosphere, and safety of your home or workplace with cost-effective window film.

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