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Top Myths About Window Film

Revolutionary Window Film, Then and Now

As more and more homeowners come to a clear understanding of the modern-day innovation of eco-friendly and cost-efficient window film, there is still a sort of stigma that comes from today’s high-tech predecessor that was developed for the space program by NASA over 35 years ago. Manufacturers with an ongoing commitment to ingenuity have transformed window film with fickle adhesion to a brilliant product adding protection, comfort and cost efficiency to our lives. To help you know fact from fiction we’ve compiled the top 3 myths about window film:

Window Film Doesn’t Last Long

This myth probably came from DIY window films that are widely available at home improvement stores. If the film is applied incorrectly it will cause bubbling and start peeling away. Most professionally installed window film looks great and carries a 10-year warranty minimum, while the higher-quality film offers a lifetime warranty.

Window Film is Too Dark

Today’s advanced innovations in window film technology filter infrared heat and UV rays while redirecting and enhancing the natural light. These days you can choose how dark you want the film to be. For those who work the night shift, a darker film helps to dim and cool the room for privacy and easier daytime sleeping.

Interior Will Be Too Dark

If you’ve never experienced being in a room pro-fitted with window film during a sunlit afternoon then you may not realize the comfort of enjoying the sunshine indoors. You’ll notice that the area is cooler with little glare. Window film allows you to fully open blinds and shades to allow more light in during the day, which in turn reduces the need for artificial light.

Take a look at the following infographic explaining the truth about window film:

The Truth About Window Film

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