Glamour Glaze: Your Window Film Installer in Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah and the Wasatch mountainsAre you looking for a new way to look through your windows — a way that reduces glare, lowers your energy bill, preserves your valuable possessions and protects your health? Well, is the good news is that you don’t have to invest in new windows when you have access to top-quality window film products and installation services. Here at Glamour Glaze, we’re ready to serve as your window film installer in Salt Lake City Utah.

The Many Benefits of Window Films

Window films are advanced products designed to provide multiple benefits in residential and commercial spaces alike. These specialized window films can block up to an astonishing 99 percent of all incoming UV rays while providing significant thermal insulation and additional privacy. Take a look at some the amazing ways our MADICO window film products can make your life better:

  • UV filtering – By filtering almost all of the dangerous UV rays that penetrate glass windows, our window films can reduce your risks for cataracts, skin cancer, and other health risks. Since UV also damages upholstery and other furnishings, you’ll be protecting your valuable possessions as well as your body.
  • Energy Efficiency – Window films can cut the amount of thermal radiation (a.k.a. heat energy) that enters your home or building by as much as 78 percent during the summer months. But did you know that the same window films can also help hold heat energy in during colder weather? This double effect can help you enjoy optimal energy efficiency all year round.
  • Privacy – Window films can reduce the amount of light exiting your window while still permitting plenty of incoming light. This means that you can see out just fine, but prying eyes have trouble seeing in.
  • Aesthetic enhancement – With a variety of tint colors and levels to choose from, you have the option of creating a dramatic new look for your home or facility — for a fraction of the cost of buying and installing all new windows.

The Glamour Glaze Advantage

Glamour Glaze is your one-stop shop for all your window film installation needs. As one of the few Authorized MADICO Window Film Dealers in Utah, our company has been providing high-quality window film solutions to Salt Lake City homes and businesses for over 25 years. We can fit you with:

Window Film Installer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Discover the Glamour Glaze Difference for Yourself.

Don’t let the sun’s rays damage your health and property while jacking up your energy bills. Contact our authorized window film dealers at Glamour Glaze today at 801-776-8468 or for a consultation with the experienced pros at Glamour Glaze!


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