glamour-glaze-salt-lake-cityProfessional window tinting has many advantages for homes, commercial buildings and vehicles. Glamour Glaze is the premier commercial and residential window tinting service in Salt Lake City. Our professionals have over 30 years of experience in window tint and we use only the finest products available to solve your window tint needs. We are an authorized installer of MADICO products, a member of the International Window Film Association and a member of the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce. We have all of your needs covered for window tint in the State of Utah.

MADICO Window Tinting Products

We offer a full line of MADICO window tinting products including the Sunscape Series. We carry sun control films to allow all the natural light into your home or business while protecting all of your belongings inside and cutting the glare on computer screens.

We have professional installation for all your window tinting needs including decorative window tinting that updates and beautifies your windows and doors in coordinating patterns while also incorporating all the benefits from tinting. You can choose from hundreds of patterns, colors and designs of decorative window tint to acquire a beautiful and professional looking home or business. You can also have a custom design with your business logo on the tint to designate a building as truly your own.

Daylight redirecting window tinting spreads the sunlight out onto your ceilings instead of allowing it to be in concentrated form on the floors. This innovative product actually illuminates a room up to 25% brighter and reduces the need for lighting, saving money on your lighting expenses.

We service the Salt Lake City area for all of your residential, commercial, condominium, and town home tinting needs by professional installers.

Window Tinting Benefits

  • You can save an immense amount of money on your energy savings.
  • Tint reduces heat and air conditioning loss through the windows to reduce your energy needs.
  • Window tint reduces the amount of UV sunlight rays that come in through your windows to prevent home furnishings, such as draperies, flooring and furniture from fading.
  • In commercial buildings, it reduces the sunlight on display items to prevent them from fading, so they can retain their color as if they were newly installed.
  • Tint helps prevent injuries in the case of an accident where a window is broken by keeping the pieces of glass from separating, falling inside and causing injures when they strike a person or they are walked on.
  • Tint reduces annoying glare inside an office or home.
  • It increases visibility outward and keeps the glare off television screens and computer screens.
  • Window tint increases privacy by making it harder to see inside a window to protect your valuables in a commercial setting, home setting or vehicle from prying eyes.
  • Window tint is highly decorative in many different patterns to choose from in the Premier line of tinting.
  • Tinting is also helpful to avoid excess sun exposure that can cause premature aging and cancer in some persons.

All of these benefits from one product will quickly recoup the cost of window tinting and save you money and expense for many years to come with just one installation of window tinting.

Commercial & Residential Window Tinting in Salt Lake City, Utah

Contact Glamour Glaze for any window tinting needs in and around Salt Lake City. We are happy to discuss any project you have in mind no matter how big or small it is. We are the premier MADICO window tint installer in Utah due to our tract record and excellent service. We offer a free consultation and a comprehensive warranty. Residential window tinting services are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and commercial services include a 15-year warranty, all backed by MADICO products.

You can reach us by phone at 801-876-1757 or by email at We are here for any questions you may have and proudly serve Utah in all window and door tinting needs.