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Professional Window Film Installation vs DIY

While we understand the need for protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UVR) outdoors, many people don’t realize indoor exposure can be just as damaging. Temperature does not affect UVR strength, in fact, UVR levels are stronger in the higher elevations of Northern Utah and reflect off the snow. Window film installation is a great way to reduce sun glare, increase insulation and protect you and your family from UVR exposure.

Residents and business owners along the Wasatch Front and in Southern Utah enjoy many benefits from window film installation, including the reduction of sun glare, UVR protection, privacy, improved curb appeal and increased security from strong storms and intrusion. With so many DIY window film options available at your local home store, why choose professional window film installation? Window film is a cost-effective solution for many homeowners, but in an attempt to save even further, DIY installation so often ends in disaster. Below is a comparison of choosing to receive the benefits of professional window film installation vs doing it yourself.

Professional Window Film Installation

The window film installation process requires an experienced professional with the knowledge and training to maximize efficiency. A professional window film installer understands how to handle delicate window film and requires access to several specialized tools like a breakaway utility knife, film aid application concentrate, the proper single-edged razor blade, and soft lint-free cloth. The professional window film installation process includes:

  • Precise Measurements – windows need to be precisely measured to ensure maximum insulation, privacy, protection, and efficiency.
  • Thorough Cleaning window must be thoroughly cleaned of all debris, grime, dust, and film. A special liquid solution is applied just before the film to act as a lubricant.
  • Film Liner Removal – The clear film backing is removed prior to application. The film liner removal technique is important to ensure that the application is smooth without bubbling or wrinkling for correct alignment.
  • Final Adjustments – Lastly, your professional window film installer will ensure moisture and air trapped between the film and window is removed with a squeegee. The edges will be trimmed to perfectly fit the window.

Professional Window Film Benefits

Choosing to have window film installed by experienced professionals gives you the following benefits:

  • Because there are so many options to choose from, a professional can explain in detail the benefits of each and every type of window film.
  • Quality and durable window film with results that last longer.
  • Proper window film adhesion that won’t peel or bubble.
  • Professional clean appearance.
  • The comfort of having your window film under warranty.
  • Installation is done right the first time, every time.
  • Experienced professionals can assist in choosing the perfect window film for your home or business.

Protect your home, property, and family with professional window film installation in Utah by the knowledgeable professionals at Glamour Glaze Commercial & Residential Window Tinting for the most cost-effective solution to make your home safe from harmful UVA exposure, increase security and provide energy savings throughout the year. We are experienced and professional authorized dealers and installers of Madico window film. Choosing to have window film installed by professionals in SLC, Utah also enables you to receive the benefit of a full warranty! We provide a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee!

What Can Go Wrong With DIY Window Film Installation?

Those without experience can cause damage to the delicate film or the windows themselves that will require buying additional window film and costly glass replacement. From irreversible creasing, adhesive failure or improper window cleaning that leaves cloudy glass; you should risk these avoidable errors with professional window film installation in Utah with a trusted and experienced window film company.

Beyond expert advice and product knowledge, your window tint pro understands how to avoid common application mistakes to guarantee the best window film coverage to fit your style and your needs. Hiring a professional will ensure your project is finished quickly with the optimal efficiency and coverage will remain effective for the duration of your product warranty.

Affordable Window Film and Professional Installation in Utah

Backed by one of the industry’s best and most inclusive 15-year warranty, Glamour Glaze is proud to provide affordable window film in Utah with professional installation for homeowners and business owners across the Beehive State. We provide service to Salt Lake City, Ogden, Centerville, American Fork and everywhere in between. Click here to recieve a free quote  or give us a call at 801-876-1696 to learn about our revolutionary window film and professional installation in Utah to improve the appearance, atmosphere, and safety of your home or workplace.


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