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Window Film for Vacation Homes

Window tinting can offer tremendous savings on utility costs for your family home. What you may not realize, however, is that those savings can be just as important, if not more important, for vacation homes. At Glamour Glaze, we are able to use our wide range of available films, and our years of experience to work with you and find the perfect solution that your vacation home needs.

What is Window Film?

Window film is one of the easiest ways for you to dramatically reduce the impact of your windows on your utility bills, without compromising the beauty and function of your home. At Glamour Glaze, we offer a wide range of window films that are specifically designed to deal with whatever conditions your home faces.

For homes that only experience high heat and glare in the summer, we have our Sunscape Series Heat Control Window Tinting Film. For more extreme conditions, the Ceramic Series Sun Control Window Tinting Film benefits homes in colder climates. These films are applied as a thin, almost invisible layer to your windows, allowing you to enjoy their benefits without changing the aesthetic of your home.

What Does Window Film do for Vacation Homes?

For many people, heating or cooling their home is one of their most significant utility costs. Sun control window film is able to prevent up to 80 percent of infrared light from penetrating your windows. This can reduce the heat that your air conditioning system has to compensate for by almost 60%. Thanks to the cutting edge design, we are also able to vary the amount of visible light that enters to reduce glare while still providing plenty of natural light to your interior. All of our films also work to block out the harmful UV rays from the sun, preventing the fading effect of sunlight on your furniture and walls.

Depending on the level of tinting you choose, your window film will allow anywhere from a 15% to a 70% reduction in the amount of visible light entering your home to keep sun-glare at a comfortable level. All of our films will also help to increase your privacy by reducing outside visibility with almost no reduction in your ability to see out.

No matter what level of tint you decide on, you will also see significant reduction in infrared and UV radiation. The reduction in infrared and UV radiation is one of the biggest benefits of window film, and is what allows such significant reduction in heat while protecting your home and family. This is especially important on vacation homes, which are often exposed to much higher levels of UV and infrared radiation from the sun.

Window Film from Glamour Glaze

We have been providing solar protection to homes and families for over 30 years. By working with architects, engineers and interior designers, we are able to provide you with expert advice on the best window film to suit your needs, as well as offer expert installation. Don’t trust your home to anyone but our experienced team who will work with you to give you the window film solution that is right for you, and will continue to provide you benefits and savings for years to come.

Contact us here, or call us at 801-776-8468 to discuss how we can help bring the benefits of window film to you.

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