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3 Cheap Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

When the warm summer months hit it can be very tempting to crank up the air conditioning to maximum in an attempt to cool things down. Heat waves spreading across the country aren’t just a nasty pain to deal with, but also bring a host of health problems from dehydration to respiratory issues. To counteract these uncomfortable and even dangerous nuisances you may find yourself reaching for the thermostat more frequently. Yet while you’re turning up the air conditioner, your energy bills are rising at the same time.

To keep both your costs and your temperature low we’ve devised our top three list of ways to beat the summer heat this year.

1. Give your Air Conditioner a Summer Cleaning

Your house needs a good spring cleaning every year, but your air conditioner can also benefit from a “summer cleaning” to best prep it for the challenging warmer months.

Before the summer season hits go through each room of your home and make sure you either clean or change the air filters. You should also check on the central air conditioning filter to see if it needs any repairs or a replacement. You should check your central air conditioning ducts for any leaks which can reduce your system’s efficiency by up to 15 percent. By removing any cracks or build-up in your filters and ducts you clear the way for cool air to flow unobstructed through your home.

Your filters act to trap dust, debris, and other particles from flowing through your home, so a clogged and overloaded filter can really slow down the airflow from your vents. This makes it much harder to cool down your home and also slows down the productivity of your air conditioner as it has to work harder and for longer to compensate. As such, clean or new filters can also reduce your air conditioning costs.

2. Close your Curtains and Blinds

When the summer’s sun floods through your home windows it can raise your overall temperature by up to 10 or 20 degrees which kicks your air conditioner into overtime. Closing your curtains or blinds helps to insulate your home from the sun’s harsh rays and blocks out direct heat. The United States Department of Energy reports that the simple act of hanging and closing curtains can reduce the amount of heat that seeps into your home by up to 45 percent.

When you pull your curtains shut during the day you effectively obstruct the direct heat coming in, which prevents your air conditioner from kicking in so much which in turn reduces your energy bills. This impact is increased when you use energy efficient curtains. These draperies are designed with a white lining that blocks out and refracts the heat. Selecting curtains in a light color also goes a long way in reflecting the sun’s warm rays, blocking out heat before it can enter into your home.

To enjoy the maximum effects of home cooling curtains try to hang them high and close to the ceiling. Using magnets to keep the curtains flush with the wall also increases your ability to block out heat waves. Floor to ceiling curtains also prevents excessive heat entry and can also help to keep your home more airtight to reduce your heating bills in the cold, winter months.

3. Install Window Film

Keeping your home cool and your energy costs down is aided by professional certified window film. These films reflect heat and damaging rays and reduce the sun’s harmful impact to make your home more energy efficient. These films block the infrared and UV rays that enter your home through your windows. In comparison to non-treated windows, film-treated windows push those rays away to keep your overall temperature lower and save your air conditioning running costs. The best thing is that you can enjoy all of these benefits while still being able to enjoy the sunlight, as the film blocks the nasty rays you don’t have to keep your curtains shut all day to stay cool.

Choose 3M Window Film from Glamour Glaze in Utah

Glamour Glaze is a local window tinting and film provider that delivers professionally qualified 3M window film installation services to homes and businesses all over Utah. Film installation is best handled by one of our certified window film professionals to ensure proper appearance, transparency, durability, and an installation guarantee.

Window film installation isn’t a quick DIY activity to rush through. Professional knowledge prevents any blemishes or scratches and guarantees a proper fit. With Glamour Glaze, our professional installation pays for itself in the comfort of a cooler home and lower energy bills that you’ll enjoy. Contact Glamour Glaze today for a free estimate to safeguard your home for many summers to come. Give us a call at 801-776-8468.

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