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3 Reasons Why Renters Love Window Film When Leasing a Home

Renting a home can come with certain restrictions and difficulties. You may be limited on changes that you can make to the home and may feel that changes that can lower your utilities or add some decorative flair may be out of your reach. With window film tinting you can help reduce energy costs, create additional privacy, and provide decoration all without permanently changing your home.

1. Window Film Helps Reduce Energy Costs

If you notice drafts in your rental, hot spots by windows, or higher than average utility costs, odds are the home could benefit from window replacement with more energy efficient or updated models. Unfortunately, this is a costly expense that many homeowners may not wish to invest in when they are renting out their house. Since the renter is responsible for the energy bills, the homeowner may have little reason to replace a window that is not damaged. Even if you can’t get your window replaced, you can help prevent the drafts, reduce excessive sunlight, and lower your energy bills by adding window tint to your rental windows.

2. Window Tint Can Give Added Privacy

If you like your privacy but still like to be able to view the outdoors, window tint is a great way to prevent unwanted observers from seeing inside your home. Window tinting is also an excellent way to avoid the expense and maintenance of blinds and curtains that can also carry large amounts of dust that can severely affect renters who may suffer from allergies.

3. Window Film Gives You a Non-Permanent Method of Decoration

When renting a home, you will most likely be limited to what you can use to decorate or add to the home. Typically you will be unable to utilize items that would be considered permanent or be extremely difficult to remove when your lease is up. The good news is that with decorative window tint, you can cleanly remove it quickly. If your landlord likes the added benefit that the window tint can provide for their home they can choose to leave it, but if they require you to return it to its original state, you can simply remove it when your lease is up. This way you can change the home to fit your personality with added decorative tint without the risk of violating your rental agreement and losing your deposit.

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