Whether you are a homeowner, renting an apartment or condominium, have a vacation home, or have invested in a cabin, our residential window film offers privacy, efficiency and comfort to meet your individual needs. Glamour Glaze has experience working with a variety of professionals, including interior decorators, architects and contractors, so we can provide you with the benefits of our products as well as practical suggestions concerning window-tinting treatments.

What is Residential Window Film?

An Independent House - Residential Window Films - Glamour GlazeOur residential window films are MADICO products that feature a variety of sheets of tinted film customized to fit perfectly to your windows. After making an appointment for a free estimate, Glamour Glaze’s skilled installers will come to your home and discuss the type of coating you require, how many windows and doors you would like covered, the size you need as well as the price of installation.

Our experts take care of everything quickly and without getting in your way. This includes moving your furniture, protecting your flooring and thoroughly cleaning each window for the film covering. After implementing a cleaning device, the tinted film is put into place and smoothed out, getting rid of air bubbles. The job is completed by trimming to the exact measurements of the area.

Glamour Glaze is an excellent choice because we are authorized to install MADICO products, when other companies do not have this privilege. We also offer a limited-lifetime guarantee for residential customers.

Benefits of MADICO Residential Window Film

  • Privacy: At home, you want the ability to walk around without feeling you are on display. Our solar residential window film gives you this option. You do not have to darken your home by drawing your curtains or blinds for privacy. The pleasure of looking out, without anyone looking in is priceless.
  • Savings: You will notice a difference in you cooling and heating bill. Thanks to our window film, you can reduce the indoor heat index by 78 percent during the summer months. In the wintertime, your house also will stay much warmer, making your family comfortable throughout the year.
  • Health: According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, very few individuals realize they can suffer from sun damage indoors. The ultraviolet A and B radiation from the sun can result in skin cancer. They suggest window films to lower the risk of melanomas, as they block out 99.9 percent of UVA and UVB rays. They have given their Seal of Recommendation for the MADICO window film products, the kind Glamour Glaze sells.
  • Damage Control: When you buy furnishings, carpets, and drapes, you want them to maintain their appearance. This is why our residential window film is a good investment; It keeps sun damage from destroying your décor, while letting light in.
  • Beautification: Everyone homeowner want their house to have curb appeal.Glamour Glaze residential window film treatment will bring a distinguished look to your residence and add value to your home.

Contact Glamour Glaze for the Best Residential Window Films

Here at Glamour Glaze, we offer more than window tinting film for residences, our services extend to landlords, hotels, resorts, offices, stores, hospitals and to any commercial enterprise who would like to experience the benefits of our products, including Sun Control, Decorative, Daylight Redirecting Films.

To find out more, make an appointment or get a quote about Glamour Glaze merchandise, schedule your free consultation here, or call at 801-776 -8468. Our professionals are ready to assist you and answer your inquiries.